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Cannot seem to weight bear at all today?

I'm not sure what's happening, but yesterday and this morning I cannot weight bear at all my right leg is almost paralysed if I try to walk or stand my leg gives way.

I'm off to doctors this morning, I made an emergency appointment just now. Everything seems to be showing signs of MS even though the consultant x-Ray my brain last year but I never received the letter, no one will tell me what he said?

I will be on here later to let you know what is happening. The pain is unbearable. I am already wearing 2 Morphine patches.

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Lucy, please let us know. Take good care getting there, is someone able to take you? Xx


Yes my carer is taking me thank you.

I will let you know when I get home. It's probably part of fibromyalgia


Good luck I hope all goes well do keep us up to date please xxgins


GP gave me something called OxyNorm tablets.

Starting them tomorrow

My husband admitted today that the wheelchair we have is very heavy for him to carry into the car so it looks like I won't be going out much anymore :(


Hi Lucy,iam so glad that you got some pain relief sorted out.How are you now?sorry to hear about the wheelchair dilemma,is it a standard size one or a larger one?hope you don't mind me asking xx


It's a second hand one but I think it's quite large and definitely not a light version sold in the shops.

The new medication is called OxyNorm, never heard of it before?

I am just praying I feel better tomorrow

Thanks for the reply


you can be referred for a free nhs one. or check out ebay.


o lucyw i just read yr post,i hope the meds help you & that u feel better soon,what did gp say is it part of fibro xx



GP said its a bad flare up, and basically there is nothing she can do. My rheumatologist can't help me either any further. So even though I tried really hard not to cry, I burst into tears. She decided to refer me to a different hospital pain clinic as the one I visited a few yrs back never helped me.

I will let you all know when the appointment comes through.

Thanks for your reply x


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