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Flare up or something else?

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Hi folks

I'm off work today after being sent home in a lot of pain yesterday. I had a swollen, numb left hand and pain all down my left leg and side. I work in an office and need to type which I couldn't do.

I took Tramadol and slept and gradually the arm pain got better. Still not 100% but I can use it more today.

The pain in my left leg is still there. And Tramadol isn't touching it. I have an appointment later this morning with the GP. This is different to what I have seen before and I am a bit worried I may have had some sort of mini stroke. Has anyone else had the same or similar symptoms? If yes what happened?

I'm probably worrying too much but decided to make the appointment to be on the safe side.

11 Replies
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Hi DeeDee sorry to hear your in a lot of pain hope you get well soon and the pain goes away. I to am in quite a bit of pain and after the meeting with Atos I'm in even more pain anyway sending you gentle hugs. Ros

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Ginsing in reply to vixen49

Morning Ros sorry to hear your pain is still giving you so much grief. Have you had a medicine review recently?

Do take care of yourself.

Gentle hugs and a big smile :)


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I am so glad you have an appointment with your GP he is the one to advise you today. Remember we are not medics just people with Fibro"!

Good luck hope he sorts you out and please try and relax dont worry Fibro does all sorts to us :)

Gentle hugs


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Morning gins yeah I had my meds. And I'm so tired but still got to plod on and do my best today

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vixen49 in reply to vixen49

Sorry gin I read that wrong I had a reviewof my meds in march

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I've been to see the doc. She gave me a thorough check over, was very sympathetic and reassured me that I didn't have a stroke or anything like that.

She said that I am having an exacerbated flare up, advised me to up the Tramadol and take the rest of the week off work. She thinks I have been overdoing it, which is probably true.

Thanks for the kind words, gjns and ros xx

Hi Deebee :)

How are you feeling now?

It's quite scary isn't it when things like that happen and I think you have taken the best course of action by making an appointment to see your GP.

It could be anything or nothing Hunny but you are right to get it checked out.

I regularly get paraesthesia down my left side where my arm is very weak and the same for the leg goes lifeless but not useless can still walk but slowly, my arm can be useless however and I went to GP too.

They will ask you some Q's to assess you and work out whether you need tests etc but don't worry about it they need to rule out the nasties. Remember if it is something nasty we'll be here to support you :)

Huge soft fluffie hugs filled with sunshine smiles for you

{{{{{{{{{ Deebee }}}}}}}}}}}}

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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Deebee17 in reply to

Thank you Sian.

Your description of paraesthesia sounds exactly like what was going on with me.

I'm resting at the moment but I know that won't last that long. I will have to learn to pace myself.

Thanks fot hugs xxx

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Hi Deebee17

I am so sorry to read that you are not feeling too well. I genuinely hope that with a good rest that you start to feel better soon.

Take care


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It could be a ruptured disk in your neck or back. A friend of mine with fibro has this. I'd still get it checked out. It's so hard to tell as we have so much going on all the time ;( Maybe if everything is okay except the pain your gp could refer you to a pain clinic. It saved me and has made my life bearable. Hope this helps sweetheart!!!! xxx Mitzi

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Hi folks

Well my flare up from a couple of weeks ago calmed down and I have been able to come back to work. I have noticed that I am still getting a lot of pain in my left leg and my left arm is sometimes unusable, with the hand swollen. As I type I have cramp in my left calf. i have my feet on a foot rest and the desk has been checked over by DSE assessors so is the right position etc.

I don't lay on my left side as I sleep propped up due to my sleep apnoea. My left leg also feels 'wooden' sometimes.

This is worrying me, not to the extent I was worried when I thought I had had a stroke but even so. I am reluctant to go back to the GP yet again as the pain/numbness/burning/cramp isn't constant.

Hoping you are all having a gentle day

Deebee xxx

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