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Please be safe

Please be safe

I just thought I would put up a post, in the light of the imminent arrival of what are considered to be the worst storms to hit us since 1987.

I have just spoken with my brother who lives in the south east and he is very blasé about going out this evening. I asked him to stay put, whether he was doing it to wind me up, (quite possible) I'm not sure, but I just would like to wish you all who live in areas that may be affected to stay as safe as you can, get together some candles and a torch and make sure your mobiles are charged up, just in case of power cuts etc.

Most of all take the very greatest care of you and those who you love.

Foggy x

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Hi Foggy.

Thanks Foggy. Good advice, I live in the south east, so waiting for it to hit, I hope it don't cause too much damage, its calmed down a bit here at the moment, but like they say calm before the storm.

I slept through the 1987 storm as did my brother, didn't know a think about it until we left home to go to work and there was a tree down, the local farmers were trying to move it with a tractor (we lived in the country side), they couldn't believe we slept through it! so I'm going to stay a wake for this one, which will be easy as my sleep pattern is terrible at the moment.

Keep safe

Maz xxx


Hi Mazz,I also live in the southeast in a place called canvey island in Essex.Whereabouts do you live?x


Morning hope you guys are ok and did not get too badly affected by the storms! xxgins


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