ENERGY BILLS - have you heard of THE CHEAP ENERGY CLUB on I have found it & learned quite a lot. The great thing is:

Once you fill in the boxes they require ( oh no not more boxes) an e-mail gets sent telling you your personal best options & advice about the companies it even e-mails you when a cheaper option becomes available & will do the switch for you if you want. Very quick & very easy. No hanging on phone lines etc ......x

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  • Hi there,yes I done this myself recently and it's so easy.The only thing is I have arrears with my gas and electricity which unless I clear they won't let me switch :(

  • Hi haribo36

    Thank you i will have a look Take care

  • How do I access the Cheap Energy Club please? I've been on the web site but there's nothing there that directs me to the Club..... XX

  • Hi - try (I think) x

  • Tried it, can't see anything on the Cheap Energy club. Will just Google it!! XX

  • Sorry Sue - any luck?

  • Yes!! Thanks!! Unfortunately I was quoted far more than I'm actually paying right now!! I currently pay £84.50 a month for dual fuel, but the cheapest quote was £117!! XX

  • At least you know you're on the right tariff ! I've opted for a 4 yr fixed term with a free opt out should I wish to change. Could be a mistake .....will have to see. Take care x

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