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Fibro and spinal cord compression from a car accident? Diagnosis and Cure?

Dear fibro sufferers,

Does's anyone know anything about fibromyalgia and cervical intermittent spinal cord compression?

I have been involved in a car accident. I have been diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome, fibromyalgia and chronic widespread pain. Last year I visited a chiropractor. The chiropractor trained at AECC and she told me that a standard MRI scan isn't useful (as the neck is not in extension and is fully supported)

I then came across videos posted by Dr J Bergman - is this guy the real deal?

In this video he claims that a standard MRI scan wouldn't be very useful as your lying down which changes the disc position:

The chiropractor (that I saw) told me about the OSMIA scan (which stands for Objective Spinal Motion Imaging Assessment) which is used in research.

Here is a link -

I then came across an article by Holman (2008) (

This is also made reference to in the book entitled, "Hypermobility, Fibromyalgia and Chronic Pain" (Hakim, Keer and Grahame, pg.65 (2010)

Holman claims that intermittent spinal cord compression occurs when the head is in extension (so normal MRI scan would not pick it up)

Am I missing something obvious because it seems that a diagnostic test could be made available? Has anyone had a MRI scan of their neck in extension? Has anyone had a OSMIA scan?

Has anyone been diagnosed with intermittent spinal cord compression?

I am very confused as to how it could be treated? I read that surgical reduction had been beneficial -

Dr Bergman make's claims that a wonky neck can be rectified using chiropractor techniques -

I also read about the adverse effects of spinal manipulation, so now I am totally confused!

Has anyone had any experience of this? Please I really need some help here because I am so hopeful that their may be an answer to the suffering.

Many thanks x

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Dear Lewit,

My best advice is to please copy & paste this link or content to me at and I will pass on, as I know Lindsey Middlemiss the founder of FibroAction and/or our information team as they will be able to provide you with some no doubt helpful information on this subject.

I look forward to receiving your email

Many Thanks

Emma :)


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