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Feeling quite down with no motivation to do anything

Hi everyone,hope you are all relatively o.k.I suffer with depression and iam struggling to get motivated to do anything,even brushing my teeth and having a wash is a huge battle.Ive not been feeling too good physically for a while and have been spending most days in bed.Iam quite troubled about a relationship iam in,I don't love this man any more and iam only with him now as he helps me financially which I know is wrong.I have posted about this in more detail previously,I think it is this making me feel down and the fact that the colder weather is here and iam feeling worse physically.I feel isolated and lonely and turn to food in the evening which is not good.I want to do things ie something creative like a course in painting or floristry and want to exercise but my motivation seems to be slipping away :(

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depression is difficult Haribo especially at this time of year when it is more difficult for us, its darker and colder and generally quite dull :(

I remember your last post about this hunny and its sad to be financially reliant on someone else especially when they're younger too. I'm sure that if you did ditch him you would financial assistance from elsewhere, I can't quite remember off the top of my head what advice I gave but can remember advising to get applications in first so the ball is rolling. Once you sort the relationship out you'll find that your motivation and the like will come back as at the moment you're stressing about the relationship and finances so you're focussed on that.

Distracting yourself in the meantime is good and plus talking about it, we're all here to listen as well as offer advice.

xxxzebxxx the coach is here for the trip my friend hope you're still coming :o comforting fluffies my friend xx


Thanks zeb,yes iam still coming! Just finishing my fag and can of cider behind the coach hehe :D


heheheheh! you do make chuckle :D xx


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