This morning I went for my first hydrotheraphy session. I had to meet with the Physio first to explain my symptoms etc then she took me to the pool. It wasn't as bad as I thought .. I did 3 laps, and in between she showed me a few gentle exercises to do in between.

Has anyone else tried hydrotheraphy? I'm hoping this will help as I have a list as long as my arm of things that I have tried before!

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  • Yes! and sadly it only helped with my strengthening my core muscles, which are totally important, but my joints couldn't hack it at all :(

    My hydro-therapist is also my physio and she's currently trying to figure out my treatment plan :o hopefully soon I'll be getting some appropriate exercise plan ..........finger crossed.......... :)

    I loved the pool and felt great in it and am gutted it didn't work for me, if I was in the hydro pool every other day for 1/2 hour rather than one 1/2 session per week now that would make a difference! :)

    I hope you stick with it and enjoy it too let us know how you get on............I say enviously! LOL


  • Aw that's a shame it never worked, but hopefully the new exercises will help! I'm feeling okay just now & have kept taking my painkillers as normal, hoping that my pain isn't worse tomorrow as I'm early shift ahhhh .. I'm booked in to go back next week & my Physio will just pop in and see how I'm doing. I've had to go private as my pain clinic doesn't have a pool, but after my initial consultation today, I'm now registered and can use the pool as often as I want, which is good as my plan is to go about twice a week once I build things up after a few weeks :)

    Hope your having a good day :)

  • Excellent :) come and join us on the cruise xxx

  • Hi there,can you tell me how I would go about finding out if I can do hydrotherapy either via the nhs or private?I did see a physio some months back and he mentioned hydrotherapy would be good and said that he would refer me to an exercise programme at the hospital but I never heard anything since then x

  • I would just chase it up via your GP hunny :)


  • I changed g.p since I saw the physio so not sure who I should chase it up with?would my new g.p have record of it? X

  • You could mention to your new GP that it was suggested before. It was the pain clinic that suggested it to me, but they didn't have. Hydrotherapy pool, so I had to go private.

    C x

  • Yes I think I will find out as I've read that hydrotherapy would be good.Is it expensive privately?x

  • I'm going to Hampden Football Stadium, as I went there previously for a different injury. It's £32 as I am a student, think it is £37 if you are not a student. This was just for my consultation & I don't need to pay to use the pool now as I am registered x

  • How comes its in a football stadium?x

  • It's the closest one to me, just 15 minutes away. Driving triggers my pain so needed one close as driving triggers my pain & can't always get a lift there :( x

  • I am supposed to go for hydrotherapy treatment soon, I had no idea it involved little more than splashing around in a swimming pool, I certainly hope the water is warm enough for swimming or I won't be going anywhere near the pool. :)

  • I enjoyed being in the pool & it was nice and warm like bath water temp .. I just did a few laps around the pool (it's square), doing different arm exercises like out to the front or side and after one lap I stopped at the side and did another exercise like holding on and kicking my legs x

  • Thanks Charlie, that's nice to know.

  • I've been seeing a physio for pains in my neck, did a bit of massaging but never recommended hydrotherapy or anything for fybro, it was a waste of time really :-(.

  • Hi Charlie Red, just to say that I've been going to Physio led hydrotherapy classes once a week since Feb this year and I've found that they really do help my Fibro. It is private, and it's £7.75 for an hour session. If anyone living in the Frome area in Somerset is interested, then please PM me and I can give them the details. Hope it works for you, and that you get some relief from the pain of Fibro. :-)

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