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Facebook page Atos Miracles are looking for your experiences of Atos to send to the United Nations

From here -



ATOS Miracles are in the process of collating as many of your personal stories as possible to be presented to the U.N. over the next three months. These will them form part of their overall Report on the Welfare Cuts in the U.K. in Geneva next March 2014.

Our own Govt are not listening so this is our One Shot.

Please email your experiences to us here and let us know if you would like to remain Anon or not:

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Wow, this could be interesting !!!

Foggy x


Like the concept but I'm not a facebook member and never ever will be through personal choice and plus couldn't find where to tell them my story, I'm guessing coz it said I had to sign up for facebook :o NO thanks!

Interesting and much needed too :D

zeb xxx


You don't need to sign up to Facebook, you can send your story to the email address stated at the end of the message:

Reply is the email address and they are quite happy to take your experiences anonymously.


I read this earlier and like Foggy, thought, wow interesting but wondered why no one had commented!

Like zeb I do not have Facebook for personal reasons.

However, I am going to email my experience with Atos to the email address given.


I don't use Facebook either, they harvest and sell on your personal details for marketing.


Hi I use face book but will use the email address here ... but what concerns me is the titles Atos Miracles

1 was there any

2 do they want to know we lived through it

3 are we still alive

4 are they looking to see the miricale they have achieved

sorry being naughty right now ATOS makes me like that :)0 good concept and much needed if they really read them :)))


Hello all,

I googled ATOS Miracles & they have blogs, twitter & a website made using weebly a free website facility. Personally, I would only give my story to establishment that had some kind of trademark as anyone can make websites & own Facebook pages.

This is not to say anything against this site & it's creators that may or may not be genuine. This is just my personal opinion.

Emma :)


Hi Emma, Atos Miracles have been on Facebook and campaigning for disability rights in the streets for quite some time, I am on Facebook and a victim of Atos and they helped me out quite a few times, the people who run the Facebook page are all disabled themselves, you can send your story if you have one to the address stated in the post in complete confidence it is NOT a rip off contrary to Atos DWP and the latest UK government!


By the way I have found this site recommended by many Charities to share your experiences of the benefits system in the hope to bring about change.

Hope this helps

Emma :)


I understand your caution and can see where you are coming from but as stated no one has to give their personal details only there story and experiences of Atos. This is their description taken from their Facebook page -

"A place for the sick and disabled to share stories of how Lord Atos has cured them! Miracles are ebing wrought by the Sacred Tickbox at the Healing WCA Temples. We want to share the news of these miracles that are being performed upon us! Praise Be! Many sites on this subject have been threatened with legal action by the company and this is a place of satire - which we are hoping is not yet outlawed in the UK. We are not part of Atos itself but totally independent of them. We may not necessarily agree with all views expressed on the page. Posters are responsible for their own comments

Please note: We do not accept any responsibility for any advice on this forum, it is a Personal Opinion of the Admin or Member. You should always seek advice from a Qualified Welfare Advisor or Advocate. We direct you whenever possible to organisations such as CAB and Rethink or forums, etc. This page is NOT at all about helping people to make fraudulent claims, about deceiving or 'conning' Atos, the dwp, the State but providing links to information ALREADY OUT THERE IN THE PUBLIC DOMAIN, very often from the dwp themselves, that has not for whatever reason been readily available to very sick and disabled people."

And they have been on the go since 2011 and have over 11,000 followers and from what i can see they are genuine enough or i would not have posted the link.

I suppose the best thing to do for anyone who has any doubts would be to check out their Facebook page and make up their own mind and if unsure then just leave it.

Like everyone else all i want is to see the back of Atos and their corruption and will try anything that may help achieve that goal.


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