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Problems making the company I work for understanding my fibro

Newley been diagnosed after struggling for 18months. Having a bad time with it all and now the company I work for is taking me to investigation and disciplinary for being off for last 8 weeks its stressing me out and actually making me have worse sytoms just wish they would understand what I'm going through :( :( :(

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hello racket. sorry to hear you are having a bad time. Ask your employer to send you to occupational health, as they are independant and must take in to consideration the occupational health person's opinon of your symptoms. tell them how stressed you are on top of your health and the symptoms you are having. take support letters from the gp etc.(but be careful not to show you are to ill to be doing the job!!- unless you want parttime or work specfic hours,) the occ should note that you come under the DDA or Equality Act. and ask the company to offer reasonable adjustments.Eg a supportive chair with arms e.t.c . Companys do not have to follow this advice to the letter but would they have to show willingness to put the reasonable adjustments in place and that they are trying to help you stay in work. Get union advice or go to your local CAB.

I am experiencing the same thing at work. Its a massive struggle, but stay strong. there are lovley people on this sight with a world of insight strength and unity. All the best. Kimbles.


Fibro is covered by the Equalities Act. If you have provided Doctor's notes for your absence that covers you for time off (within the limits of your contract). Sounds like next step when you're well enough would be to meet with work's OH dept to agree reasonable adjustments (you're entitled under the E Act) to your work to enable you to continue. And meanwhile a letter from your GP to work explaining what fibro is, that it's covered by the Act and that stress makes it worse. What job do you do? X


I have provided doctors sick notes for the whole absence I have had. I work as a manager in a retail store I would normally work 52 hours a week but I'm salary paid so actually only get paid for 39. I would normally be on my feet all day running around because it's a very busy store in a large company . The company doesn't have a union. They haven't met the policies that they should of and now they are making my life difficult I'm currently using a wheel chair because walking is agony and I struggle to sit too long aswell. I just wish they would be more compassionate. !!! Thank you for your replies xxxx


I hope you will be able go get it sorted out x


Hello Racket,

Please can I provide you with a couple of links to the FibroAction website that you may find helpful;

Firstly our information on Work & Fibro followed by our factsheets that you are able to download & print.

If you would like to receive the Benefits & Work guides called Reasonable Adjustments and the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA), we can send these to you for Free. If you email asking for these guides I cam email them to you. Here is their website link for your reference

Hope this helps

All the best

Emma :)


Thank you so much Emma !!! Xx


Morning Racket,

Haven't seen you for a while and sorry to hear that you are having a tough time of it. Most private sector employers aren't unionised but many have some type of employee rep forum, so might be worth double checking. It sounds like your employer either needs to make adjustments to your role in terms of hours spent standing versus walking. Be prepared that if it is not possible for them to adjust your role to this extent, so may need to be open to the idea of redeployment within the Company to an office/seated role. If they show willingness to redeployee you, unless you find it wholly unacceptable or believe they have been unreasonable or unrealistic in their approach, you'll need to take that role or the only other option is to resign.

If their is no support in HR or anywhere at work I would visit the CAB as Kimbles recommends. Also go online and google ACAS. You can find free employment advice on there. It's a excellent resource.

It's a rubbish time for you and you do have my best wishes. Keep talking to us on here. By the way, how long have you been employed by the Company?

Zosie xoxoxo


thank you for your advise. not been on here for a while because had so many different appointments so been very tired and drained.

i have worked for this company since i was 16 and im 21 now. this is the first time i have been off sick, i know its been for 8 weeks but im not someone who takes the company for granted.

i know i can contact HR but i also know from working as a manager that the area managers make you life that little bit harder when you go to HR so just a little bit nervous. im not ready to go back to work yet so i just want them to be a little supportive. they dont pay sick pay so i havent cost them anything by being off because i dont get any pay.


hi im having the same problems but they got cigna involved who actually work for the company im in retail only part time tho and was off 8 weeks they paid me for 6 but said fibro doesnt come under dda had 2 drs cert but have gone back and doing morn shifts as im better in morn they have a chair already and as im on tills near door there is a heater just above me i can have on but had to get 2 letters from dr as well to get the heater on!!!! hope you sort it out


If you don't belong to a union I would definitely try the Cab. In my experience area managers take you more seriously if u have official backing as they are worried that you make take you to court. Don't go bk to work until u are better otherwise you may struggle to sustain it. Good luck x


Thank you so much for your advise definatly going to look these things up and be prepared. Xxx


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