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just a little 'funny' for you all

just a little 'funny' for you all

Morning all hope we are all rested and feeling as best we can.

I saw this cartoon sketch and know what! everyday I have this in my life because people assume I'm dim and incapable of thought, hearing, seeing oh! and brainless coz of the wheelchair or the sticks they see me with, constantly assuming I don't know or understand things.......... :o

Do you find people are condescending to you?

grroooowwwl!................ xxzebxx

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It makes me instant n on him" "i look up to him and down on him" "And I am just the end of the line"

got that slightly wrong but brain not fully functioning yet (does it ever)




I did borrow a friend's 'outdoor' mobility scooter to go for a little trek from rough terrain into a small coastal village. It certainly made me feel as if people looked at me differently, though no one actually spoke to me. I didn't much like that! It also made me realise I was in more pain from the jolting than I'd have been in if I'd walked, so hoping I never need one. Gee it made my neck hurt.

I got my PhD prior to being diagnosed with this bloomin' condition. Having 'Dr' as my title during tribunals, etc definitely seems to have been in my favour. No one dared to be patronising thankfully - they'd have certainly known about it had they been. If I had put "miss", I really do think things would have been different. It shouldn't make any difference at all, but I am certain it did.

Nice to know my PhD has been useful for something anyway!

Right, will cheer up soon when painkillers kick in :)

Pip xx


yeah I always quote my brother because he's a doctor, doctor of chemistry and into high end research within the field of medicine :D

chuckling to self because it really does help LOL



I was in Comet a few ears ago.

there was a kerfuffle at the till and one of the young assistants was telling another - "she said he was being condescending, what does that mean?" her friend shrugged.

I couldn't resist "I'd tell you, but I don't think you'd understand - that's condescending" she smiled and said "you're right, I probably won't" and walked away - irony!


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