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Is it normal for us to sleep so much??

Is it normal for us to sleep so much??

Hi all,

Iv noticed I have been sleeping load I went to sleep at 11pm last night and I'm just waiting up now honestly I could go back to sleep.

I no we usually find it difficult get to deep sleep, I have an app on my iPhone called sleep cycle, and it shows you the different stages we go through when asleep. I have showed you my sleep cycle from last night.

I went out yesterday to a friends christening and there were quite a bit of stairs to get to the function room, and this afternoon I just feel so weak, is this normal as I haven't experienced this before.

Is it normal to get pins and needles down your left side I have just stretched and lay on my left side now I have pins and needles in my arm & leg, pain on my right side. I'm so confused about my body :/

Susan x

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Hi Susan, I think non-restorative sleep can be a big feature of fibro, why, I am yet to understand. Oddly, your chart shows your quality of sleep being 100% which I think can't be right! otherwise you wouldn't be feeling so wiped out now ... technology...??

I think you at probably paying the price for your exertion yesterday and that I think is the same for me, if I overdo it...I pay the price, and I think many of us here will complete understand that one !!

I hope your pain and fatigue eases and like you, I am often very confused about what my body throws at me.

Sending healing thoughts your way

Foggy x

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Thanks foggy, it really annoys fma as it took me ages to get over my shopping the other day, 2-3 days to b exact :(

Hopefully I get my referral soon and get this sorted :(

Gental hugs xx


Apparently there is speculation of it's validity of this app?? If you sleep 8 hours says 80%, 6hrs 60% and some people reporting they have left their phone on a flat surface and it still produces readings in the morning?!! I haven't got the app so cannot comment from personal experience and this is only what I have read on the internet. Susan , maybe you should try tonight to see if you still get readings on a table or not??


Hi there Sorry haven't even on site, we haven't had any Internet fr four days now, ....foggy s right Susan, we do suffer so much the next day for what we do the day before, but having said that, we just can't give in, otherwise I guess we would become veggies ad that's no life for us it, I guess we really must earn to pace ourselves, I knw I'm the worst person for not doing that.. So sorry you don't feel so good my thoughts and prayers are with you as they are for all fibro friends on this site, what makes it worse is there nothing to show we are in so much pain in soo many places, all we have to show s maybe. Limp or a twist f pain in the face, but because we aren't bleeding or have a plaster cast on, no one believes us or understands it all, ..there my rant over lol, ill say sending you a huge hug Susan and look forward to further posts,....Dee xx


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