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comments please?

just picked up letter from my gp to send to ATOS.(support me in my claim).got home and read it.he mentions IBS fibromyalgia and raynauds and depression and that they are long term and doesn't see me getting any better in the future.he also mentioned I ahd gallbladder op btu nothing about possible thyroid or possible lupus -probably cos of blood s results.still doesn't tell me why my stomach is swollen(just read in another post -Ascetis?)and I still ask why is my face and nose swollen and why all the skin rashes and why have I lost weight suddenly fro no apparent reason other than thyroid??

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Hi there fibro can cause and do many things to the body, it seems that fibro brings every illness going except the big C, thank goodness, so there are too many for him to list lol, tummy could be swollen due to ibs, that often happen to me especially if I eat the wrong thing, hope you get sorted soon, gentle hugs..Dee


hi Dee ,I still feel it is more,just because after I was diagnosed in 2005 things were fairly stable just affecting my joints andmuscles.then around sept 2005 everything got a lot worse-starting with my ribs and now spread throughout my body -generating to my pelvis/groin and up to my collar bone and neck(thyroid?)I cannot do anything with my hands.i still say I don't have IBS because bowels are normal-dont see how swollen stomach can be IBS when bowels are ok-my stomach is bigger than ev er today.


Hi albuma, if you are worried why don't you ask to b referred to a Fibro specialist he or she will be able to tell you or guide as to why your tummy is the way it is, don't carry on stewing over it you will only make your pains worse, and it will put your mind at rest, sending you gentle hugs .... Dee x


I don't have IBS but I do getting swelling and pain in that area too. My throat permanently hurts but numerous tests for thyroid have shown it is fine, although it does struggle when I have an infection.

I also have lost weight for no apparent reason, half a stone! I didn't even know I had lost it til they weighed me at the hospital last week. Lol, I stop trying and it falls off...this is why I don't diet.

My face hurts this morning, I hate the face pain. :(



he's confirming the definite ones as that's all they'll accept.

don't forget to photocopy everything before you send it.

hope your claim is accepted.



hi Sandra

i have copied the letter from my dr and everything is saved on my computer.thanks-just want it over with now.wonder how long they take to reach a decision.


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