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comments, please

hi all, not posted here before. just curious about other people,s experiences with ESA. got retired on ill health from my work as a nurse of 42years. i applied for ESA after i was finished, only to be told, 5 months later, that i was classed as fit for work, and my ESA was stopped. i was on crutches at the assessment after a hip op 5weeks earlier, yet was still assessed as fit for work! fibro was also really bad,could barely move due to pain and stiffness. am now on JSA. how can this be right? anything similar happened to any of you? i am 62 and cant get my pension till 2018.

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Hi I have just turned 62 and can't get my pension until 2019!

I don't know about fibro I'm afraid but I will say appeal the decision. I have heard abour 40% of decisions get overturned on appeal. Get all the evidence from your doctor and any other medical professionals you can and appeal. Make sure you do it in the time limit. The DWP have the right to overturn decisions if they feel it is necessary so maybe give them a ring and see what they say? It can't hurt. Tell them the situation.

Have you been down to the Jobcentre for an interview yet? I used to work for them and I guarantee if you are still on crutches and in pain they will say you are not fit to work so they won't send you looking for work. They may even say you should claim ESA instead. What is happening these days is that people are pushed from pillar to post - the Jobcentre will say you are unfit to work, the Assessors say you aren't. I don't know the answers I'm afraid. Good luck and let us know how you get on. x


Hi barney123x

I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that you can appeal this decision. Our mother site, FMA UK has a dedicated Benefit Adviser that you may wish to contact, I have pasted a link below:

I have never been on ESA but I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck my friend.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Why don't you put a claim in for pip if u can't appeal for ESA


Hi Barney123x, I have been on incapacity then ESA for 20years in all. Went for assessment in October and like u told I was fit for work. I too am now on JSA, at my meeting last week with job centre I was told I have to get a full time job & am expected to travel up to 90mins to place of work if necessary . Needless to say I've gone to pieces, can't sleep, in a lot of pain & had migraines everyday for last week. How can this be right.


its not right love, nothing in this whole system is right. so sorry you are in this awful situation. x


Hi can I suggeste you get in touch with disabilities rights and Janet here she's a wiz I was refused pip , but reapplied and got full pip for 5 years ! So please don't give up , fight this I know it's tough , get a letter from your dr. But first get a advocate from dusabity right or age concern , they will help with appeal and get you through this ,

Big hugs X

Chris X


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