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Well went back to hospital to see neurologist but he did not have word back from sycirist still don't realy no anthing

to go for anouthere MRI scan to see if there is any change since my last one they do think its dementia but don't no what type I don't no were I am just feel lost im all overe the place I will keep yous up to date what is happening with me. I don't no how they are all coping with me I find me hard work so sorry if I don't make any sence.

Gentle hugs Bernie xxxx

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Thanks for letting us know Bernie try and slow down a little they need you to be as well as you can be at moment so try to be as patient as you can.




Hi gins im trying very hard but head is all over the place but thanks for me

Hugs xxx


I know hard it is Hun been it similar situation try and regain your composure they need you to be sound and there to help .

I am here if you need me



Well if it does turn out to be dementia then ask the psychiatrist or your GP if there is a support group maybe through the hospital. Tell your doctor you want someone to help you deal with this. It's not possible to get through the day if you feel all over the place. I wish you all the best and try not to worry xxx


Thanks all I will try to keep yous up to date if I remember .My gp is very good she is just waiting on results

Gentle hugs to all xxxxx


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