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Going back to doctors this week as she said she wanted time to look through my notes. Had a bad weekend

Husband got me a tens machine daughter helped me set it up. Used it four times on Sunday, did ease the pain in shoulder and ams for a while. Woke up this morning with massive pain in shoulder and migraine, pain in throat, finding it hard to swollew fingers so tight Help !!!

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Hi Huskybike,

Can you go to your Docs I dont thik it has anything to do with the tens I think it is pure coincidence. I think you have a bug sounds like you have a throat infection.

So stay calm and see if the doc can help let me know how you go



Thank will let you know x


Hi husky, I totally agree with dear gins, that a visit to your doctor would be a very good idea. Could I ask if you have had any x-rays done of your shoulder ? I ask this as I suffered for a long time and then when they eventually got me x-rayed for a second time, they discovered I'd got bone on bone arthritis and I had to have the shoulder replaced. I'm not saying this is what you are experiencing, but it is worth investigating properly to rule things out. I hope that you manage to get some pain relief and start to feel even just a little bit better.

Healing vibes coming your way.

Foggy x


Hi no I haven't had an X-ray on my shoulder as I get the same pain in other parts of my body so I figured it must be fibro pains !! will ask her though thank you you've all been great x


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