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I am attending my specialists appointment week on Thursday. Does anyone have information on any medication they feel helps any of their

Fybro symptoms. I have now been diagnosed with osteoarthritis too. Just can't bare the pain especially the lower back....also the absent kindness sees worse of late and the insomnia...complete exhaustion. Would like to see him this time with more information behind me as he seems to have none! Thanx

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Ooops meant absent mindless not kindness lol


sorry deleted last in put not relevant to your question opps fog brain coming .....sure the specialist will sort your medications we are all different good luck :)


Hi ally, do you mind if I ask is your appointment with a pain management specialist or with a rheumatologist ? It sounds like you are having a really rough time at the moment, you can find lots of information on the website, it might be an idea to pick out some of the things you think may be helpful and take copies of them with you to show him, if he is lacking in understanding of the condition.

Do come back and ask further question about anything that we can help you with :-). Good luck

Foggy x


Rheumatologist....he diagnosed me years ago but I feel he knows no more about the illness since then


Hi, I hope I can help. I have osteoarthritis, just the beginnings of but those areas make my FM 'talk to me'. I have a small amount in my hips but there is constant pain there. Lyrica helps with that, taken 8pm and 8am.

I also have Amitriptyline at night as my skin gets so sensitive I can't settle.

I take co-dydramol when the other meds don't help, but Morwenna is right. Many different meds, not all suit everyone either.

For your low back pain, which I have too and hate it, I cannot do without my TENs machine. I have two because I lost one and was in too much pain to look for it. Lovely hubby shot out and got it for me. Took a while, about two hours, to go, but eased as soon as I put it on. Takes less time now as I don't wait until its really bad.

I loved hydrotherapy but overdid it every time and got a bad back flare, so if you do that, do less than you feel you can. But oh it was wonderful! So soak in a hot bath if you can. I have to have a towell under me as I cannot cope with chill from the bath itself.

Hope that helps.

Do you have a copy of Fibromyalgia for idiots? It's a big help with many areas including explaining to non believers.

Soft hugs


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