flare up began 18 month ago still no end in sight :(

i am in bed most the time the pain is unbareable and i cannot manage a Normal daily living i cannot cut up food or wash dress walk properly always falling stumbling but surely a flare up must stop at some point any ideas am really struggling to cope before i got ill i was trying for a baby and hoping for a family with my brill hubby :( i am beyond depressed......

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  • Afternoon Justlilme ............silly question but have you gone back to you doctor ???? this may need more exploration and also have you had any help from the occupational therapy department etc ?? sounds as if you need a little help right now hugs xxxxxx

  • hiya Morwenna

    i have been to from consultants pain clinics gps regularly and the OT have given me some seat risers bed riser toilet riser zimmer frame etc but some days am in bed and cant get up as am in soooo much pain and the dizzyness headaches dreadful always on my bum falling over etc ..

  • Hi justlilme I too suffered a bad flare up for 12 months I was unable to lower myself to the toilet clean myself even get myself dressed, I was unable to hold a full cup of coffee. Thankfully this did get better and I was able to return to work on a phased return it took another two years to get to a bearable point. The large ups still happen but no where near that bad. I was un tremendous stress at the time And was suffering depression because of my health. I know now you may not think there is light at the end of the tunnel but hopefully your time will come. Wishing you a speedy recovery. X

  • Hi, I was diagnosed 3 years ago. The first two years were pretty much as you are describing for me too. This year I have improved to the point where now I attend college once a week and do a couple of hours voluntary work.! Not sure what changed, perhaps I stopped fighting it? Still in pain and chronic fatigue every single day, i was also confused about flares when joining the group as mine was so severe the first 2 years. keep being optimistic if possible, my heart goes out to you, take care. x

  • Hey sweetie well don't stop your baby plans I was in a bad way from age of 12 but I have had 3children and I'm not going to tell you it was always easy but I did it and you can too,they will bring you so much joy .If I could tell my younger self one thing it would be this ,Have your dreams, fulfil them ,yes the flares are bad but you can survive them I have I'm now 61 and have a lot more to put up with and including fibro .Take excersise it really helps ,lying around does not I understand that when its bad you can't ,I can't but don't give up on life or Fibromyalgia will let you .Hope this does not come across harsh its said in love because I know you can do it because I did xx

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