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Ibs question don't read if you don't have a strong stomach

Sorry this is going to be graphic, but I am getting a little desperate... Ibs diahorrea settled in for 7th week. My gp has referred me to a specialist.. Am waiting... My problem .. I take the ibs med given to me by dr it works then I can't go at all so I stop the meds and it immediately comes back.... Is anyone else on permenant meds for ibs and if so how do you go to the toilet without stopping them for a day or 2 and avoid diahorrea

Any answers appreciated

VG x

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I recommend the books 'The First Year: IBS' and 'Eating for IBS', both written by FibroAction PAB member Heather Van Vorous. These are often available in local libraries, or much of the helpful information is freely available on Heather's website

They are some of the few books around that discuss diet for IBS from an evidence based perspective. Many doctors know to prescribe fibre supplements for patients with IBS. Most do not know enough to explain about the different types of fibre and why how you eat is almost as important as what you eat.

One thing that Heather always mentions is make sure you were properly diagnosed and have had other conditions, such an inflammatory bowel diseases and Coeliac, ruled out. You also need to rule out or identify any food intolerances, such as gluten intolerance.


Thanks lindsey I am waiting for all those tests plus there has been talk of colonoscopy and the camera into your stomach brain won't remember name of that one been gluten wheat and lactose free for 3 weeks absolutely no difference... Going to check that website out now.... Many thanks

VG x


Oh dear - this is obviously a case for the specialist!

If you regularly take your meds, as you obviously need to, then you could try adding a fibre supplement like Fybogel to prevent you becoming 'bunged up'.

All Bran is quite effective too, but you need to remember to drink plenty of fluids for these to work.

Most IBS sufferers find that being careful with what they eat, taking plenty of fibre, and drinking lots of water will help their symptoms quite a lot, and doesn't worsen the looseness, as a high fibre diet tends to soothe and 'normalise' the bowel rather than to cause diarrhoea.

Also, for emergency use, have you tried glycerin suppositories? They are available without prescription, and can provide instant relief from severe constipation - obviously not recommended for long-term use, but very helpful occasionally.

Hope you soon find ease! Moffy x


A soluble fibre supplement is of use to most people with IBS, but you do have to pick your supplement. Fybogel is commonly used in the UK but it can be a bit harsh for some people and usually contains artificial sweeteners which can be an IBS trigger.

There are alternatives available on the high street now though, such as Benefiber. Or ask at a health food store.

As Moffy said, you do need to see the specialist and get all the tests done. Whilst diet of the kind Heather advocates for is unlikely to do harm in comparison to a normal diet, medications may worsen or mask issues. So you really need to pin down the diagnosis asap and that will include a colonoscopy and gastroscopy/sigmoidoscopy.


my ibs started becuase of the pregabs, its sttled now and i only have it sometimes, but make sure u get fluids as it effected my kidneys as i was losing too much fluids, a trick is squash with a spinkle of sugar and a pinch of salt=diorylite!!! hope u get it sorted i know how horrid it is,xxxx huggles Tink


Hi Vg

Did Dr give you lactulose ?

If the meds is helping my opinion is to tell pharmacy or your Dr as can change or add to see how it goes.

I have had IBS for 24 yrs and i learnt wheat bungs me up.

The times i been asked for colonoscopy.

I had one a lot lot younger than i am now and was ok but as years have gone on its up and down.

I went through a phase for years with the runs quite severe too and i have to have loo on a morning even if some one in there .

I also have had some slight incontinence issues aswell when it flares just glad am home when it happens! :-/

Nowadays i am more constipated it was only other week or last week cant remember i went after clicking it was almost a week!! And had quite a bit of blood but i think that was it tore me even i did not feel it, then i have monthlys where the runs are so severe i am in tears as my stomache plays up during the night and takes a couple of attempts then am sat tearful thankfully it eases off so not all day.

I am bloated a lot alately and seem to have an active botty for smells creeping out without me giving permission !

Soo you see it can be one or other.

I used to take Mebeverine and was told peppermint oil which is no good for me personaly

I just put up with it and steer clear of anything spicey at all



Fairy I am on mebeverine lol the peppermint oil tablets went straight through... Literally I can only describe that as passing ice... Am keeping on mebeverine and if I bung up I have the sachets gp gave me when I was totally bunged up when tried morphine..

Thanks for all the replies

VG xx



I have the same problem I find that the meds I take for fibro

Stops the IBS, so like you I stop them for a day, otherwise

It's constipation, once stopped I get IBS so can't go out for

A day or so.

I think maybe the best way is taking sena a few times a week

It's not always possible to stop the meds due to pain, I don't find

Lactalose works for me. But I know it does for a lot of people

I don't know that it does any good for people with IBS but worth

A try.

Love viv


Hi Verygrumpy

I thought you might like a male take on this problem of ours, I also suffer from IBS which is not very pleasant as you well know, the diahrroea is awful as is the tummy pain, my GP prescribes Loperamide for the D and Mebeverine for the T.P but when I got diahorrea it lasts for more than 2 or 3 days it is usually a week, my GP prescribed the loperamide to slow the process down, not stop it as I also have Chronic Urticaria and Angiodeama which could also be a factor in my IBS as I have seen a gastro specialist who was very concerned about the diahroea being caused by an episode of Angiodeama of the bowel. I also have a lot of food allergies which could also be a factor in IBS and I would suggest that you ask your GP to send you for an Ige blood test to determine if you are allergic to foods that could cause you to have this amount of diahrroea. My GP showed me the results of my Ige test, it was pointed out that the normal range was between 1-70, whereas my range was 2000<< it also shown foods that I didnt know I was allergic to from low grade to high grade, all of these foods have now been eliminated from my diet, I bet you cant imagine the time and effort I have when shopping for food but the best thing is my diahrroea has in fact slowed down, as has the tummy pain, yes I do still get it but its not as often.


Hey there VG - is there any mileage in taking 2/3 or 3/4 dose on the day you want to start things moving? might mean you're able to go without becoming uncontrollably loose?

Just a thought...


Spirit x x x


Have you tried colpermin for your ibs take one 20 minutes before meals do take with cold water they are brill and work for me


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