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Fibro Coach

I have recently come across a fellow Fibro sufferer Pam Wright author of ' The Fibromialgia Coach'. Searching around I found it had been reviewed on along with a'Getting to know Pam Wright' page. It got a positive review so considering buying it. Has anyone else already got it and if so what did you think? Has it helped you achieve a good quality of life despite Fibro? Would love to hear!

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I haven't read the book but have read quite a few of her articles in the Fibromyalgia magazine I subscribe to and her articles always seem to make alot of sense.

Do let us know how useful it is if you decide to buy

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Thanks rosewine.

Out of interest what magazine do you subscribe to?


The Fibromyalgia Magazine which has some useful information and good ongoing articles. I have the digital edition which is a bit more difficult to read than a paper version but much cheaper. I subscribe through Pocketmags who I have also found extremely good if you have any technical issues with it.x


Thanks for that rosewine.


I have not personally read the book but I am all for anything that could help. I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi Ken

Thanks for your kind wishes.

Given the absence of a standardised approach to the treatment of Fibro I think a lot is left to the sufferer to try to help themselves any way they can. I want to maximise my chances of a good life in spite of Fibro!


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