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Just had a brilliant Birthday thanks everyone for the messages and the cake (Zeb) I have just had

my daughter and grandson staying for a week and my daughter is feeling better after a really bad pof CFS but she has discovered an other slergy wheat and milk and she is now looking wonderful and full of energy. I am so relieved she is better it has been a long haul for her.

I am left rather exhausted my back is shouting after varying times playing on the floor with grandson but you have to do these things after all a two year old does not understand fibro. So back is wittering so gently is the order of the day.

Take care all xxxgins

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Morning gins pleased ou had a lovely birthday, sorry I was late in ending you wishes, yes it's surprising what we put ourselves thru for our grandchildren,mine are all grown up now , but I can certainly remember doing just what you have done and suffering so much the next day, now you have to take it easy for a few days, sending gentle hugs to you....Dee xxx


Good to hear you had a special weekend. Time for your gentle rest now.

My 7 year old daughter is still learning that I have to rest to have some fun then rest again. She still doesn't get the helping bit.....


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