Thanks to everyone who made yesterday the best day ever!!!

Thanks to everyone who made yesterday the best day ever!!!

Read through all the replies this morning as I think I overdid the bbq and ice cream, as well as the swimming, paddling, games of beach cricket and things! Funny, I've not been able to take the sun so well for a long time, must be the brilliant crowd that gathered (big thumbs up, group hug!)

That includes those that read the post but didn't reply - doesn't mean to say you didn't enjoy it as much as the rest, but your being there was part of the fun too...

Here's to next year, although I hear tell round these parts that it's going to be an indian summer.... xxx much love Frangi

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  • Thanks Frangi, it was such fun, the beach volley ball, well I never thought I'd be able to do that and woweeeee.......................................... ouch hehehehehe, it was so worth it :-) :-)

    Now we shall have to think of other things to celebrate and fun to have so that we can at the end of the day say we gave our Fibro a darned hard time today and come out smiling :D :D

    Still feeling a bit icky after all that ice cream, but thanks for a great day, well done Frangi :D :D :D

    Foggy x

  • Yeah! y-day was fun I could never do the sun either coz I fry like bacon :( but I didn't y-day YIPPEE!

    Thanks Frangi my spring survived the sea air and the splashing hehe that was fun :)

    Its Gins birthday today so maybe we could present her with a cake and maybe some balloons :)


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