Morning though it is still black outside. Those of you who know me will have realised I am an early bird last night took the biscuit as the

Wide a wake at 3.00 no hope of sleep so I have been downstairs since 4.00 tea and biccies . Not good my tummy inflates when I eat wheat but i still find it comforting. I actually blame my Mum for comfort eating as when I was a small girl suffering from paralysis in my left arm every time we saw a specialist on the way home we had cream buns. It didn't cure me it helped encourage a life long love of sweet things and curiously when ever I am off colour I make myself feel better with something sweet and sticky/

It is great to see so many new people on the site I hope they have trawled around and found all the excellent info on fibro.

I have nearly finished my mad wabbit it is looking suitably bonkers and I have

enjoyed putting her together just her ears to felt now~~~~~ face hands and I will be there.. What next perhaps it will be a dragon who remembers the little welsh dragon that kept the coals hot in the steam engine Noggin the Nog a Norse dragon he was !

Zeb are you back yet did you have a good break? It has been quite quiet without you?

Have a good day folks Keep your heads up tummies in and smile !

Words of wisdom from a smiley Ginx

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  • I keep getting pain in my groin I suppose it is the dratted back any suggestions any one?

  • Hi Gins,

    What sort of pain is it?

    Have to say I'd love to eat some cakes from the bakery, but my intolerance to wheat/gluten has got so bad I now react to food that 'may contain wheat', eg. not even an ingredient, just made in a factory that uses wheat. The pain I get if I have wheat is sooooo bad, I don't go near it. Feels like something is rupturing inside. Just wondered if it might be due to eating wheat.

    Pip xx

  • when you find out what it is gins let me know cos I keep getting the same, its a nagging pain isnt it, here wishing you better ....Dee x

  • Hi Pip I have wondered about wheat intolerance, my daughter has it as well as lactose

    so if it is how do I confirm it where do we find a nutrionalist who will test us? xgins

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