For Lizzie .......... Poppie and Mr B

For Lizzie .......... Poppie and Mr B

This is the dynamic duo, they look so sweet and innocent, mention the word 'rat' and MR. Benjamin is off like a rocket and Poppie, well, she's gorgeous most of the time which lulls you into a false sense of security, then she pulls a wobbly hehehe :D

My first and much beloved jr - Gertrude Russell - Gertie was a proper jr and I spent many hours upended in holes looking for her, but she worth every minute of it, she really saved my life as she woke me when I was haemorrhaging post op, had she not woken me, it would have been bye bye Foggy !! Bless her little heart, she died nearly five years ago and I still miss her like crazy.

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  • They are so cute. Love the lil doglets x

  • Well Hello Poppy and Mr Benjamin they look gorgeous! xxgins

  • Morning Foggy :D

    How long did it take to get them to sit still looking prim and proper.............. cute :D ???

    Hope you're well my friend :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Morning zeb, urm I think it took all of about two seconds, they love the chair they were on and if I tell them (in Italian - "sta qui" - stay here) they just sit and look appealing I can leave them anywhere, as long as they are on my coat and have had the instruction and they won't move at all until I return, very handy :-)

    Haven't seen you about much hope you had a good Christmas :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thankyou its been wonderful, lovely and peaceful and yet I've seen most of whom I care about that I don't see very often. Big smiles on my face :D

    Tonight we are heading 3 doors down from us to celebrate new year with a young woman whom we've watched grow up in the park where we live. Her parents got divorced a few years back (it was messy) they were friends of ours so its lovely for her to invite us :) we've been watching her son grow up too :D LOL now I sound old LOL

    I hope you've been alright my friend and wish I was there to give you festive gentle fluffie hugs :) xxxsianxxx :) so I'll send them via fuffies -air courier service, should be reaching you in minutes

    :D :D :D

  • Forgot to say that I met my friends' new baby and she is so tiny and beautiful and they are so sweet as a family. They met through me and my OH so its wonderful that they've become a little family xxx

    Oh! and the doglets should be receiving their fluffie bonus for their amazing security work this year ;)

  • Hehehe the doglets have been great haven't they :-) I'm so envious of you seeing the little baby, did you get to hold her, I just love them, sadly I wasn't able to have any myself, but I've got loads of god-children who I have enjoyed from their first days ... Ahhhh....

    Thank you also for the festive fluffie hugs, I need them atm, I've had a couple of slips and a fall in the last week with the mud and then ice, off to the osteopath I go.........again.....I hoped I'd be fixed by now but with being knocked over by a dog pre Christmas and then these bumps, my back etc., etc., are not good at all, roll on Jan 7th for my appt.

    Am sending you huge amounts of good wishes for a happier and let's hope healthier New Year :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • You should be wrapped in giant bubble wrap my friend and thankyou for your kind wishes i too hope it will be a better year though like you it starts off with more doctor and hospital appointments :o I do get sick of them and they never stop coming!!

    If I can keep my spirits high it certainly helps so thankyou my friend.

    I haven't had children either it never happened but have mennoragia (can't spell it) LOL, so I may have been and not known :o However, I then decided my health was too bad so chose not to have any :(

    My friends' baby is only 6 weeks old and very fragile so we agreed to wait until she had a bit more stability. Adorable little thing she is :D


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