So fed up with hormones

I am obviously going through the change but I'm still getting the horrendous abdominal pains dragged out for weeks. It is now 54 days since my last period. I wanted to go away with a family member but can't plan it until my period has come. I start getting abdominal pains around Day 18 which is bad enough when you're on a 28 cycle but this is ridiculous. The two before that were 46 and 48 days. The GP gave me some progesterone cream which is supposed to regulate the periods but it's not. I don't want to go on HRT so please don't advise this as when I was on the pill years ago I had a terrible reaction and my blood pressure went through the roof and I don't want any ops as I have a phobia about anything like that.

All I'm doing at the moment is trying to ride it out and take CoCodomol some days which does help but obviously can't take it every day. Any other suggestions welcome. Thanks. K

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