When you pass urine do you get a strange sensation like tingling!!

This is strange but true......do you get a tingling and tremor from your stomach escalating up then down your arms to your fingers? I mentioned this to the doc, but he has never heard of this, but did note this. It is not everyday, but notice it is more when I have an urgency to go. My theory is that it goes with the central sensory problems we all have. There will be some interesting answers.

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  • hi,did your doc do tests etc?.............as I said just the other day please don't be fobbed off with excuses for everything being fibro! because they are not!...even if its nothing pet our bodies are wonderful machines and tell us when things aren't working or are working,so if I was you I would keep a diary and monitor things...did he take a urine sample? keep us posted xx

  • Hi Pondminstrel - My docs are usually thorough...I did go for reason of this, flushes getting bad an whether I had vulvodynia...a 14 day course for thrush given if further then he will refer to Gynae, so had blood test for thyroid again an came back normal, but saw record today which only showed T4 recording. Thyroid tests should be to include other readings too. Had a few urine tests of the months. I do note things down. It is funny how you say do not take every symptom for granted..this was what they said at conference in April, to not assume any symptom get it followed up. You don't worry, I'm at the docs more than you know. Thanks so much for your response - fibro hugs xx

  • hi..good! im glad..i kept going to docs for pains etc and was told I had torn ligaments....flat feet.[??] etc..till in the end I said enough! I had blood tests and low and behold I was tested positive for RA ,and under active thyroid! god you couldn't make it up lol..I now say..please don't say its my fibro [I have that as well]..as im sure if my leg went black and fell of you would say oh right that will be the fibro!!...we have to take control don't we?..i have just come off tramadol as the side effect was migrains and I suffer with those anyway...I researched and have gone on all the B VITs..and I have no headaches,and more energy...pains are bad,but one thing at a time lol ..take care and im always here for a natter xxx

  • Hi Pondminstrel - your message tickled me...u sound like me always on the case, an never giving up, lol!! Excuse me for being thick or is it the fibro....but what is RA when it's at home, this ole head could not think of anything? I this same as you wish to cut down on some of the meds, I too am on tramadol never mind the others, when I can concentrate on it, mum been in hospital for nearly 11 wks...an not coming out for now..changing her meds again. it's so hard to cope with the stressing, journey of 40 mins x 2. I had my darling niece today who has ASD, so you can imagine she talks none stop, but at the same time she does cheer you up...always laughing!!

    Well it's nice to be on FibroAction again been a long time. Cheers again for the chat!! Luv an fibro hugs. xx

  • hi hunny........RA is rheumatoid Arthritis ........and my daughter is 41 and talks non stop! don't knock it..shes been the same all her life and now is a lecturer..sorry about the spelling if that's wrong...tramadol aren't good hunny..I am a different person since coming off them..i am in a lot of pain but for me I can function better if my head doesn't ache,,i go to docs next week so will see what other pain relief there is...keep smiling ....whats the matter with your mum pet? if I don't reply till Tuesday its because my laptop charger had just blown! wet my pants it frightened me to death!! lol...so just ordered another and wont be here till tues ..xxx

  • Hey Pond how are you today, hope it's been one of the better one's?

    Sorry the foggy brain was certainly out of action the other day...RA...I should have known that one I have Osteoarthritis, which I understand from Fibro write-ups. develops when people do not get help earlier on in Fibro stages. I am trying to get the tablets down to nothing if I can, I often read how others have. Tramadol is strong, I went down from 2 to 1 the other morning...boy did I feel rough for 3 days I couldn't move, doc said it could b becoz of this, you can get symptons like a virus. He also approved me taking Ultra B Complex to help the nervous system an brain (which I seem to be having more problems with these days) he, he!! also Osteo Tec UII for mobility, joint pains an inflammation.. here goes.

    My mum has really bad psoriasis/dermi condition, been in hospital for 13 wks now, trying a new drug. Please pray for her!! If you are reading this then your computer has got connected. Take good care, an hugs. xx

  • hi pet..i have osteoarthritis in my spine as well as 3 slipped disc.i will pray for your mummy..just dashing out will write a bit longer message tomorrow ....sorry xxxxx

  • Wow. That's exactly how I described it to my GP. He didn't listen.

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