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Categories !

An added feature to the new site which I would like to share with you all now we have settled in the new community is, Categories.

It is easy I promise!

All you need do is when you post is before submitting it, click the Category your post relates to. This enables yourself & others to browse by Category.

Click the Browse (grey button top left of the post feed) it will then have a drop down menu with all the Categories search by

Here they are for reference;

All things FibroAction


Comedy Corner



Poetry Corner

Recipe Corner


Website Links


Employment Issues


By the way some of the Categories will not show up until a post or question has been put into that Category.

Someone post a recipe please !!! ;) lol

For the guys out there, please suggest Categories as being a lady I don't know what you would like!!!

Thank You :)

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Hi Mdaisy,

Thought I'd really lost the plot, seeing these things when posting, thought I'd missed them totally in the old forum and was seriously considering my sanity (which I do on a regular basis ! ) but now you have clarified things and I can postpone the men in white coats for a few model days yet ;-)

I think it's a really good idea though, because it can steer people to where they will put and receive that which appertains to what they are looking for from the site........ well done you and all at FibroAction !

Foggy x


All down to HU and the new site !! No you're ok the 'corners' on the old site were harder to find , this way they are at the side or from the drop down Browse button. Need the guys to tell me what corner they would like !! I could try to guess but it may incur a penalty !! ;)

Emma :)


Hehehehe :-)


could we please have a creative /craft corner? I`m sure people would have things to post. Thanx


You sure can Wild Woman...... FibroFriendly Admin whizz off to do this straight away ! lol :)


Ooh thank you so much xxxxx


Hi Mdaisy

How about a relaxation corner? I've been putting them in medications / treatments but a more defined category may be better.

xxx zeb xxx


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