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Fibro is explained a lot of the time as aching pain, I have really sharp pain, all over at times, does anyone else have this?

Hi I am brand new to this site. I have had fibro for about 19 years now, diagnosed in last 10 years. I have looked at lots of different sites over the years and they all give different diagnosis to fm. the pain i have is like if you try to break or bend a part of you the wrong way, does anyone else have this, or understand what i'm talking about?!

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For me the ache is there for the majority (not all thankfully) of the time somewhere or another; and then other types of pain occur for a fleeting few seconds or anything up to several weeks before going away again.

I wonder if our pains are in somehow drawing from a pain memory? For example I have never broken a bone and so haven't actually felt the pain you describe - and I don't get that kind of pain; I have however had rsi, sprains, strains and torn ligaments and often find I have those kind of pains.

I think they are all Fibro pains.

Julie x


hi julie, thanks for this, i have read that the pain is also described as; pinching a part of you, as hard as you can, til it really hurts and then squeeze some more. thats the kind of pain i mean. I do get the aching pain too, but its more this type. yes i think there's a lot of stuff going on with pain, chest pain, twitching and everything. do you find normal pain killers help?, I have been on Amitriptyline for about 8 years now. I find I cannot sleep without them, and I do think they help a bit, with pain, but not much


Hi,thanks for your question, my fybromialgia pain varies, I have the all over ache, together with mid day fatigue,etc, but if I think I feel as though I have a bit more enery than usual, and push myself to do things, I get a horrid"big pain" as I call it, it happens down the femur parts of my legs and makes me shout out momentarily, which can be embarrasing, as sometimes I make other people jump,and then I have to apologise and go on to explain, makes me feel that I don't want to go anywhere a lot of the time


hi i get sharp stabbing pains in my left femur and in my wrists ,horrible xxx


I have had Fibro for almost 10 years brought on by stress of loosing 4 loved ones in same year plus a marriage breakup. The pain I get varies. Mostly its an ache throughout my body with sharp pain towards evening. Winter seems to make it all worst mainly I have been told that winter is a depressing time of the year and it all adds stress to the mind and body functions. Being on Warfarin (for life) means I am limited to the type of pain killers I am able to take. So can only take Codipar it is the only one which does not interact with the warfarin as much as the others. Also take a Statin and Raditadine. So mostly I just have to endure the pain and just get on with things the best I can. Recently my eyes have become gritty and sore, not sure this is just an age thing or connected to Fibro.. I make sure I do not eat the wrong food I have healthy food, fruit,veg and wholemeal which I find helps, if I do eat fat or too much sugar then the pain is worse.


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