fibro and sle

i am confused. my rheumy think my main symptoms are fibro at presents and considered reducing steroids to 5 mg. but when i mentioned about reducing/stopping plequnil he refused point blank. i am confused as he only seems to mention i have mild SLE when it suits him-when i mention it he refers to it as a connective tissue disorder. why stay on pleqnil ?

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  • Hi there moss, hope your not in too much pain, not being rude but what does sle stand for and pleqnil? Gentle hugs to you ....Dee x

  • Hi Cookie in answer to your query SLE is Lupus .. hope that helps xgins

  • thanx for that gins, sorry for delay in thanking you Dee x

  • Go on Hughes Syndrome website. Lots of members there are on Plaquenil.

  • Hello Moss,

    I had a diagnosis of Frozen Shoulder as initially my main pain was in my right shoulder and then I felt pain in the other quadrants. I asked for a second opinion and had appointments at a different hospital and they diagnosed Fibromyalgia using the ACR criteria, information via link below

    It sounds like you are becoming so confused maybe you should consider thinking about a second opinion?

    I was so relieved when I had my diagnosis but remember the days before when I felt almost lost not knowing. I think most of us remember & understand how you are feeling.

    Please keep us posted

    Emma :)

  • that s not such a bad idea. i think i have so much over lap in my conditions that the specialist finds it hard to pin point

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