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A medical mystery

That is what the doctor called me today.

I have, yet again, changed my GP as the previous guy left the practice last week (he was there for a year as a newly qualified gp). Well this new doc rang me up after I had spoken to the surgery about a T4 (thyroid) test I had the previous week. The lab hadn't done it and he said he'd get on to them and talk to them personally.

Anyway, he rang back today after having had a long chat with the phlebotomist and they, apparently, went through my recent history of blood tests. We talked for a bit about various things, including the recent infection and the fact I still cough, bring up phlegm (which I have been doing for about 10 years), hurt etc etc and he said I was a bit of an oddity regarding my blood results. He's asked me to keep a sort of diary and keep a record of when I have specific pain and to keep a record of my temperature using the kind that goes under the tongue to see if a pattern emerges. He also wanted to know if my pain is worse when my temp is up. Can't say I'd noticed tbh but this should be interesting.

He mentioned a possible problem with the pituitary if the T4 is still low with the test the lab has now agreed to do. Kinda hoping they still have my last sample since if they don't I have to give some more.

On the upside, the new gp (new to the fibro etc not new at the surgery) is pretty good with fibro is letting me use the current meds as I need within certain limits of course. He seems guinely interested in getting to the bottom of this puzzle that is my health.

I feel positive about it but also feel slightly odd that I'm a bit of a project at the same time. Has anyone else come across this with a gp?

I will of course keep updating as anything crops up. If this helps just a few people with fibro or thyroid be treated more appropriately it can't be bad.

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Sounds like this doctor really cares about you - keep him! Good luck with it all.



No I haven't come across a GP who investigates things so thoroughly! Seriously, it does sound as if the GP is really trying to get to the bottom of your problems. Isn't T4 linked in to thyroid problems - if so it will be worth looking at the blogs on the thyroid bit of this website.



I already have beenpart of the thyroid section as my first instinct was for thyroid, not fibro. Especially since my first thyroid test came back borderline hypo. Since then I have had a second tsh done which came back in range so 'normal' but I wonder if he thinks there is a connection. I suspect the next t4 result will answer that. I have no idea when that will come back though, hopefully soon.


sounds like you are in pretty much the same situation as me! Suex


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