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The last laugh

A man is half way through his stay at Scarborough Hotel when he goes to the receptionist desk and rings the bell

"Can I help you sir?" asks the receptionist

"Well the card in my room said I should alert the management of my complaints before I leave"

"Thats right Sir is there anything wrong?"

"Oh not much" says the guest

"Just a touch of arthritis and a dodgy knee" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(They say the old ones are the best ones scores out of ten = )

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he he xx


:D I'd be there all day!


Ok,I'll start off with a daft one.

There's a rabbit in the jungle wandering around minding his own business when he comes across a pile of bones. As he's investigating them he sees a lion stalking him out of the corner of his eye. Boy,I'm in trouble now, he thought but then a flash of inspiration came to him.

"Umm," he said aloud,licking his lips and rubbing his tummy. "That sure was a tasty lion".

Hearing this the lion stopped doubtfully, then changed his mind about pouncing on the rabbit and ran away. The rabbit grinned and carried on his way.

Now up in a tree a monkey had seen all this and decided to stir up some trouble. Leaping through the branches he found the lion and told him what had happened. The lion was extremely angry and told the monkey to take him in the direction the rabbit had gone. Before long they came across him in a clearing,snoozing under a tree. As they crept up on him he heard them and opened his eyes just a crack.

This could be tricky,he thought,his mind working quickly to come up with a way to escape. He waited until they were both within hearing distance then he yawned, rolled over and said loudly " How much longer do I have to wait? Where's that monkey with my next lion?


I just love this Furdad and posted it to a friend who has a good laugh and asked me to pass on her giggles to you, from giggle-some me too :-)

Foggy x


Hi,glad you both liked it.

What are the similarities between a catfish and David Cameron? One is a slimy,scum-sucking bottom dweller....

And the other is a fish.


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