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Cannot get prescription from gp till MONDAY as they are updating their computer system!

Got told by the receptionist that I can't get my codeine gp prescribed for breakthrough pain,and neither can I get new inhaler for my asthma, which has been playing up recently. The receptionist was sympathetic & will try and get it done by Friday, but until then, I just hope what I have left in my inhaler will be enough to last me! Can't get too stressed about it as then I will start needing my inhaler & its definitely on ration now! So I need to get into a calm frame of mind to prevent any stress. Easier said than done though, just thinking about it is enough to start me off. How will I be able to stop getting stressed out? How?How?!

Any advice appreciated. Also, has anyone been in this situation before?

Gentle hugs, Julie xxxxx

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I'm pretty sure they can do hand written ones if needed when computers go down and you can also buy an emergency inhaler from some asda pharmacies or failing that do you know anyone that could maybe lend you one until you get your prescription xx


That's appalling. I don't know the ins and outs but it does sound a bit jobsworth. What did we do before computers? Surely manuscript still works? it's not your fault they have a system that needs updating. Thank goodness you're not on oxygen 24/7 :(


Do you use a local pharmacy? Mine is used to my forgetting to order repeats in time and will lend me some provided he has them in stock. If not ask to speak to your GP - they must have a contingency. The same happened recently at our surgery and there were notices up in the surgery and local chemists asking to make sure your repeats were up to date, but not everyone would have seen them!

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Hi Julie63

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are having this problem.

As others have said if you use the same pharmacy they will probably give you what you need until they can get hold of your prescription.

There is always the 'walk-in center's' as they will also give you what you need.

I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue.

Ken x


I got one from Boots the other weekend when out with friends. Most pharmacy s will do this. Take some proof of identity or repeat prescription form with you. Gentle hugs.


Yes and I spoke to my chemist and they lent me my meds. Helps that I always go to the same shop and they know me and it was a repeat.


Thanks for your reassuring posts folks. I was sure I was headed for A&E! Right, pulls herself together, there are other ways of getting an inhaler, no need to panic. I can cope with the pain, have pre-apologised to family if I am a little grumpy this week because of it, so they understand. And now that I know that Kerry, the lovely pharmacist at the local chemist I use, can give me an inhaler, plus I'm sure my gp will be able to go 'old school' & handwrite a script if needed, i mean, what did we do do before computers eh?! Thank you all for taking the time to post - I am so relieved now that I have read them. Gentle hugs to my fibro friends out there, it's good to know you're not alone, thank you, Julie xxx


Hi Julie63

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? Just to say that I am sending you pleasant thoughts and good wishes. I hope that it all goes okay for you.

Take care my friend

Ken x


Hugs. Glad to hear you are feeling less stressed now.




Hi Julie,

Sorry to hear your in such a dilemma, through not fault of your own! I think it is appalling to leave some one run short on any Meds, especially an Inhaler! Surly they could Hand-write you a Script out what on earth did they do before computers came in?!

I know for fact if I was running low on my inhaler I would stress out about it and inevitably need to use it more!

Do you use the same Chemist for all your Meds? My Pharmacist is brilliant with me, I have even had Meds through without a Prescription, by her ringing the Doctors for permission and send the prescription through later?

Monday is a long way off to wait for such necessary medication. I would ring the Surgery again and ask to speak to a sympathetic Doctor and ask him/her to hand-write one that you can"t possibly wait until Monday. It is very often the case the Doctors are sympathetic to our needs, its just a case of getting past the Receptionists first, who I don"t like to say this but some of them think they are like some kind of "Gods", and the Doctors are often unaware of what is going on, on the Front-desk!! If Receptionist does"nt have the empathy to help, I would ask to speak to the "Practice Manager!" , sometimes that threat alone means we can get what is rightly ours!!

In the meantime, its only a suggestion but I use my i-pod thats got meditation/relaxation CD"s on, I lay down on my bed and listen to one of these which quite often just relaxes me off to sleep. In fact I can"t go to sleep without mine! Its like a "dummy" for me to go to sleep, afternoons and night time!

I sincerely hope your problem is resolved before Monday!

Sending you positive healing energies. Good Luck

Best wishes Lynn XX


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