Oh my Word

Oh my Word

This is clearly like a London bus, nine come for ages and then two come at the same time, I am getting a split personality, two me's I was logged out as Fibro_foggiest and then tried to log in again and whoops here I am back as my original self..... Hehehe, hopes this doesn't contravene rules, but it is a situation created by the change over of platforms. Not sure why one gets logged out even though you've ticked "keep me logged in"

Ever so confuzzledly

Foggy x

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  • Hi Foggy,as of last night I am now being kept logged in! The bugs were something else,seems things are now settling down,thank goodness for that! xxx

  • Oooops spoke too soon,logged me out again! x

  • Same here was delighted to be kept logged in today, come on tonight to find myself logged out again!

  • Ok foggy load in your new account you made with the new email etc and go to profile options and delete your new account then You will just be left with just this one .....

    VG xx

  • That's sounds very scary, but I'll give it a try, if I vanish again, you'll know what's happened. Thanks for your help though :-)

    Foggy x

  • Thanks all - useful to know. We know we're getting there with the 'keep-me-logged-in' feature and won't stop until it's there for 100% of users.

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