Don't buy The Sun, The Times or The Sunday Times

Don't buy The Sun, The Times or The Sunday Times

Boycott News International Group

In January the Sun columnist, Rod Liddle, wrote an article entitled: 'Pretend disabled' really ARE sick' – in which he writes: "My New Year's resolution for 2012 was to become disabled. Nothing too serious, maybe just a bit of bad back or one of those newly invented illnesses, which makes you a bit peaky for decades - fibromyalgia, or M.E." Mr Liddle knowingly chooses his words to generate the greatest provocation and pain. Angry outrage or even measured responses are all signs of success to him because it sells newspapers. If you disagree with Mr Liddle, one way to get his employers attention is not to purchase any more newspapers from the News International Group (The Times, The Sun or The Sunday Times) until he resigns, or is sacked.

UK Fibromyalgia has also made an official complaint to the Press Council under the Editors’ Code of Practice- Clause 1 (Accuracy).

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  • He's doing a Jeremy Clarkson - who funnily enough writes for The Sunday Times - say something shocking to gain publicity, raise your profile & sell some books.

  • I cant write what my thoughts are, I`d be shot, needless to say if anyone deserves to suffer the pain heartache and humiliation these illness` bring, it should be this horrible excuse for a being!!!

    Makes me so mad!!!

  • Glad to read that you also complained about Rod Liddle,s column. I was outraged and sent an email to The Sun immediately. My letter wasn,t printed and I must admit I was rather harsh but didn,t say anything he didn,t deserve.

  • How do I contact this Liddle bloke? If it wasn't so damaging it would be funny. I've worked all my life, I've never claimed benefits and fingers crossed never intend too so why on earth would I make up that I had this illness that makes my life a living hell at times? Does he think anyone in their right mind would fake walking like a geriatric when they should be out in the pub having a laugh with their mates? Does he think we are all such good actors that we fake screaming out with the pain or bursting into tears with the sheer exhaustion of trying to smile through the pain. I've just had the worst two days I've had in a long time, I couldn't walk and I couldn't move my neck but I'd just like Mr Liddle to know that despite this I started work from home at 7:30am and I didn't finish until 6pm - it's a good job my employers don't take the same view as this joker or I'd be unable to work from home, my sick would then inevitably go up and then I WOULD be claiming disability - ironic eh? Rant over....

  • Dont contact him that's just what he wants,newspapers sell better when there is scandal.

    When I read things like this it makes me cry, because if only they knew how much it changes our life's.

    I hate the fibro and ME name because I feel that we all have something wrong but they dont know what so they have plonked theses names on us.

    When people ask me what's wrong and I say I have fibro they look at me im sick of explaining, so now i say I have fibro its like MS but apparently fibro does not end in the same way as MS,everyone knows and understands MS but fibro as far as every one is concerned is laziness.

  • Pipper I agree with you! i dont care what my illness is called me ms fm all i know is my life is drastically changed and i will never be the same again , Dont want sympathy just the help i need to survive it ! Im not Lazy ,im here because ive burt myself out i think!!

  • After reading the article that the above said man wrote in the Sun Newspaper, I to was very angered and upset the first thing that I done was to send an email of complaint to the said newspaper only to have the standard reply that it was passed by the editor to be printed and if there are any concerns to please contact them again. But on the social networking site Facebook there is a page dedicated to getting this said man to apologise and to make sure that nothig like that is ever printed again there is also a petition to sign. I caan only say that this man has riled so many people that there is a political site and lets just say that his reply to comments left by very upset peole was also appaling this man I hope will never everhave to suffer the way that we do.

  • Address of this Facebook page please, I need to complain on behalf of everyone who knows nothing about FM yet but will one day. How dare he use these illnesses to gain public recognition. Be careful what you do or he will get it. Still if it gets people discussing all these illnesses and the truth comes out - who loses? Not us! Yey - we may have reason to be thankful. I do hope so. Chin up.

  • omg that is an awful thing to say i would like him to come here and spend a week with me not aday a week so he can see jus how it affects us silly silly man he will regret saying those words and prob already does love to you diddle x

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