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I can't even get my doctor to acknowledge that I have FMS, but I have all the symptoms including quite a lot of what others are mentioning on here. I'm in pain so much of the time but have learnt to rise above it as much as possible. I hate how I feel, especially during the cold weather, but yes I get sweats at the most inappropriate times and always wondered why and yes it has affected my hearing at times too, and there are times when I could happily chop limbs off just to stop the aching. Nice to know there are so many others out there who suffer the same things!!

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Hi - if your doctor is being supportive and doing lots of tests to try and find out what is wrong with you, stick to them like glue. Nothing wrong with a professional saying I don't know: think about it would you like it if they did not consider alternatives.

If however they tell you that there is nothing wrong with you and learn to live with it then change. If you get a doctor who says OK you have this condition and learn to live with it are you any better off. Ask to see a Rheumatologist, if refused then change your GP.


Sorry to hear you're suffering. It took years for a specialist to diagnose I have FMS, even though Id been asking my GP about it for years. After existing on opiate meds for 12 years +, I changed my medication and i am only just starting to feel more normal. You need to find another GP who is knowledgable about it as treatments vary from person to person and you need an open minded progressive GP to help you find what works for you. Dont give up x


Thanks all of you I think I may need to try a different doctor, been in agony all night and still am, pain meds help a bit for a while but it just dulls the pain and doesn't take it away. I'm going to see if I can get to see a rheumatologist and get a proper diagnosis. Thanks, good to know I'm not alone.


My GP doesnt recognise FM either. I would request a second opinion, I really really had to push for my referal to a rheumy specialist -who by the way is the only person who can diagnose FMS. The reason you have to have to persist???? GP practices have to pay for the referal. Keep pushing x


My previous GP told me for years nothing was wrong, yet continued to pump me full of pain killers. They made me feel as if i was mental and imagining it all. I had to push to get referred to the pain clinic, where i was diagnosed. Even following this, they still refused to admit there was anything wrong - probably trying to save face! I have changed GP and i arranged an initial appointment with the new one to explain what i expect from my GP, if he couldnt provide i would go elsewhere. I am very happy with my GP now. You have to be firm. At the end of the day, its all a numbers game. It costs them to refer you anywhere, your illness costs them and sadly to many GPs put this in front of patient care. I had to threaten my old GP with legal action if they would not take the necessary steps to find out what was wrong with me, and when i was finally diagnosed i visited my GP and asked him Why did you never refer me to the pain clinic before? Why was i made to feel like i was going insane, imagining a make believe condition, and my GP said something i will always remember

" well i thought it might be fibromyalgia but as there is nothing we can do to fix it i dont recognise it as an actual illness!"

The lesson here is: If you are not happy with what your GP is offering you, its up to you to change it, not wait for it to change!


OMG, that is exactly what my doctor says to me........... I'v been on pain killers for more years than I care to imagine, and they keep getting stronger and don't really do anything either!! Going to try a different doc, but thanks so much for this, gives me hope!!


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