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looking for a doctor who understands fms


hi everyone does anyone know if theres doctors in sutton coldfield in birmingham that understands fms because i am not getting much surport of my doctorplease........x

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i ment not much surport x

There is a great fibro gp in Birmingham but he practices at church road Aston... Dr Sinha He diagnosed me when he was a very young gp almost immediately with fibro 22 years ago he is still there although I have now moved to another part of the country... Are gps allowed or able to recommend other gps... If that's the case I would ring his surgery and ask if he knows anyone who could help. He is the one who said my pregnancy would be difficult with fibro yes it was... and recommended I choose elective Caesarian ... Of course being me I ignored that...... and ended up having an emergency caesarian ....

Sorry I can,t be more help

VG x

hi there i will try and look him up and a big thank you x

Wouldn't it be great if the NHS had an online database available to patients which listed GP's and their specialities and special interests? I know there is something simiar available to the medical profession, but in the interests of patients being able to make an informed choice it would be invaluable.

Julie xx

It would be julie x

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