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FMS is Curable apparently!!!

My dumb employers have stated that they know Fibromyalgia is curable and they have medical research to say so. That's funny as I've never seen this research published. When challenged they won't say where the research is from and based on what!!!!!!

They are talking out their backsides and have made me mad!!!!! Pure idiots and bullies!!!!!

Think they have got the words curable mixed with manageable!!!

They are a massive organisation too and shoudl know better!!!! Sweeping statements in my mind = Disability discrimination!!!

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If they have a cure could they please share it with us 1000's of sufferers and our GP's? It hardly seems fair to keep it all to themselves :s


If it was curable then we all would be well !!!!! the first thing my Rheumatologist told after telling me I had FMS was 'don't go looking for a cure, there isn't one, just learn to live with it' which is what I amtrying to do.

i think you are right it is discrimnation !!!! Perhaps a letter from your consultant explaining its not curable might help


Thanks all of your posts. Christine, not sure how I keep going sometimes with it all, I think I will shove lots of research under their noses wlhen my solicitor gets involved. Might open their eyes then!!! Ahhh the Caribbean......what I would do to go there right now!!

Twiglet....fab response.... I will use that one with them....and tell them that they are incredibly greedy by keeping such amazing news all to themselves!!! LOL!!!



deffintly. because they cant see our fibromyalgia, they think were pulling a fast one .i have the simalar problem.


Your boss is a darned tree!!! This is the "normal" reaction we get from people who do not understand FMS. I'm sure that if they experienced even a fraction of the pain, fog, extreme fatigue and insomnia that we experience on a daily basis, they'd change their story! If you are being bullied by them because of your condition, you should seriously seek assistance from your union, or if you don't have one, get a solicitor on board. Good luck!


i had same from a fellow at this work programme i have to attend on the esa work related programme, telling me its curable, asked him what his medical qualifications are (none) and why he sat behind a desk if he got the cure to fibro,, he should be sunning himself on his private island cos of the money he made from the magical cure, Its true as they dont see the illness then they think we making it up,


Tell him to stop being a dinosaur and read this website!!

good luck honey.xx


Dr F Batmanghelidj medical opinion is fibro is an illness caused by lack of good old plain water in the body nobody seems to drink plain water and the drinks they do drink most dehydrate the body. I have fibro and now I only drink water maybe an odd cup of tea here and there he believed many illnesses are due to lack of water in the body as a high percentage of the body is made up of water and is used for many functions in it's natural working systems. I am trying only natural products to use of every sought ie toothpaste, shampoo & cond, shower gel,deoderant stone, washing up liquid, eco wash and dryer balls for the machine and fresh food look up the chemicals in the products you buy then google them to see what there used for in industry engine degreasent in you toothpaste shampoo etc remember this society only cares about making money not you or your health You've got to look after that and get rid of the fibro (yes I hope to) as in this society your treated like scum now and I for one have had enough of it


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