It affects my head, more than my body. Feels like I have a heater on in my head. The sweat, soaks my hair, pours down my face, off my nose and chin. Very uncomfortable and embarrassing. I hate it !! Does anyone know what can alleviate the problem ?

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  • Aw hello Helen , I suffer this one! if i get the slightest bit stressed im soaked and with fine hair its not a good look, like ive been out in the rain and also i get terrible pain as this happens! im either so hot or so blooming freezing .I dont know the answer but deal with it buy wearing thin layers too strip off ! took ages to write that about twenty errors urrgh blooming fibro

  • So sorry to read that you suffer it too. I'm not aware that I get pain as such, when it happens (only the usual Fibro pain) I just feel so manky, and uncomfortable. I've got short hair, and it looks like I've been in the rain, it just drips down my neck, and on my clothes. I've greeted people with a hug and kiss, and made them wet.....SO EMBARRASSING !! I have to take a 'mop up' flanel around with me, on holiday's etc. I'm the same with any form of exercise or exertion, even in colder temperature's. (My body is only affected in a normal way, the same as everyone. The problem is my face and head !!) Drives me mad. I swear we Fibro sufferer's, have a problem with our internal temperature control ? All cocked up, like the rest of I'm like you, I feel the heat or the cold badly. I find either extreme, hard to cope with. Would love it to be about 75 degree's all year round, and never have to exert myself again. Neither are going to happen, so it's a case of getting on with it. Just wish there was something we could do or take, to stop it !!!!!!

  • When I go on holiday, I am better off in 'dry' heat e.g. Egypt. I HATE humidity. The amount of times, that I have put sun cream on my face, then the sweat has made it run into my eyes, which hurts, and makes my vision blurry grrrrrr.......... Another thing I hate, is going into shops in the winter, with a coat on, the sweating starts, I then have to carry my coat, as well as hold on to bags, as well as hold on to what I want to buy. I get in the queue, sweat pouring down my face (nobody else is doing this) I just look as if I'm guilty of shoplifting or something. I get extremely IRRITABLE, when I feel so uncomfortable ! Then I go back outside and the cold attacks my wet's all sooooo unpleasant !!...... I've been on a plane before, it's far too hot on there, my head starts to boil, I feel as if the heat is suffocating me, so I ended up having a very embarrassing panic attack. Even had irrational feelings, of wanting to open the door, for some air !!!!!

  • Hi everyone , only joined up yesterday, and have just started to read through the posts. I deffo relate to this one, I have to do my little household tasks in my P.js before I shower or bath , if not I just wouldn't feel clean , but saying that just the slightest exertion can start me off!! It does look like you have just washed your hair, and it's not a good look with sweat poring down your face :(

  • I have the same also for a little time when I wake. I saw on TV the embarrassing bodies show that the doctor there said there was a tablet we could have. Asked my doctor who forgot to put it on my prescription" I will try again next month or when it is warm enough to put my body through the trip.

  • I saw that episode too, and when I asked my GP, she didn't know of such a tablet. Please let us know what it is called. Thanks x

  • I get the sweats not doing anything physical and at times when doing light housework. there dosent seem any rhyme or reason to the condition!! oh having one now, it is very embarrasing at times. Will be going to dr's on friday will let you know of anything that helps.

  • I only joined today and saw this problem straight away ! Yes I suffer with this big time , I hate it . I hate going out now because of it . I can put up with the hot flush but it's the sweats I find so depressing . I'm like another lady who commented , I do all housework 1st before I shower . Yes people with Fibromyalgia have a problem with temperature control , we have no cut off switch ! Add that to going through the Menopause with the hot flushes and sweats and you have a major problem to try and cope with . Wish the Dr's would realise just how depressing this symptom is !! If you remember the name of the tablet that may be able to help please let me know and then I'll ask my Dr if I can try it . Hugs to everyone x

  • If your on gabapentin or cymbalta its side effects soak a t shirt in fifteen minutes been there done that whats the alternative eat healthy food drink plenty of plain water 2.5 litres is the recommended allowence for a woman 3 litres for a man and dont buy products with SLS or parabens in .......look up a book called your bodys many cries for water by F batmanghelidj get it cheap used on amazon it tells you about how badly your body needs plain water to function .... change the products you buy for natural products SLS and paraben free look up what these SLS and parabens are that are in what you buy and rub into your skin engine de greasent etc check out your toothpaste ingrediants no wonder are system of the body are sick I have made the changes and I dont take no medicine now

  • Thanks for this info, I'll look into it. What does SLS stand for ? I have never heard of this or parabens ?

  • hi helen, its sodium laureth sulfate, parabens are also not recomended chemicals in our every day products its found in many household products toothpaste and kids toothpaste, shampoo, soap cleaning products have a look on www.natural health information your find it unbelieveably interesting... why do so many people with fibro suffer acutely sore skin well seems to be these products may well be part of or the cause remember government and companies are not interested in much else other then making money ... you only need to see they way their treating the people on disibility to see that,

    i have the book (your bodys many cries for water) that's mostly what i drink now the odd cup of tea that's it hoping it will over the coming months help clean my system out and hoping it will help repair me still have low energy though...... I use the rain forest shampoo and conditioner and the earth lovers shower gel these are all free from the above chemicals from the body shop now... look out for their on line deals the shop prices are not as good and i use the green people 's toothpaste fluoride and sls free i bought eco balls and tumble dryer balls so i dont have it in the washing no more either i hope to eventually get rid of this illness or at least help myself to reduce it and its symptoms as much as possible i try to eat more fresh food to i hope this helps you to help yourself shop around it does not need to be expensive i do it and im on esa £66.00 per week rate and nothing else its dam hard but i know it will be better for my health and i dont like being like this... all the best karen

  • Thanks for your info Karen. I will look into this more. Wishing you luck with your plans and actions, to help yourself. We do have to take responsibility for helping ourselves, and I admire what you are doing. We can't expect doctors to do everything to help us.....needs to be a two way thing. Good luck x

  • Thanks for info I suffer terrible sweats....take cymbalta ...will check product labels and change.....terrible skin n head said its eczema don't know were that came from never suffered before....fibro absolute nitemare....

  • YES YES YES!!!! I seem to live in a totally different climate to the rest of my family :( I also am my mothers main carer and she has the heating on all the time... sometimes I just want to sit outside in the freezing cold. I am addicted to crunching ice, I suppose that is one way of cooling myself. But the embarrassing face sweating when I am out I can totally identify with :(

  • I used to wear plain t shirts last summer, i did my food shop in my local supermarket, half the way around i was wet through, so embarrassed. i make sure i wear white t shirts with colored stripes. also i wake in the night wet through , i too do my housework, then shower.

  • yes yes yes., happens when stressed or exertion.

  • yes I have this problem, I'm 46 thought it could be the menopause myself then I got so fed up with it I came off my medications as I wondered if it was taking all these that my body was sweating them out and yes it has made a difference at least now its just not as bad under the armpits but at least my front and back are not soaked no more maybe its a fibromyalgia thing or are bodies are sick of the chemicals we put in it, still i'm waiting to see what happens when it gets to summer take a spare top and deoderant out with you at least then you can wash and change if need be

  • I feel the same about putting chemicals in our bodies, what with that, and coping with the nasty side effects from them. I only take a few tablets, no where near as many as some people describe. I would prefer to not have them. How have you felt since coming off medication ? Is your Fibro worse, or about the same ? I am due to phase out Pregabalin, and start Gabapentin (GP's trying to save money...fair enough !) If I feel ok-ish after coming off Lyrica, I might not bother starting Gabapentin ??!! As it is, I'm not too happy that I have to start taking a tablet for a bladder problem. I get such an uncomfortable dry mouth, which I know is mostly due to med, drives me mad !! On one hand, I do all this sweating lark. On the other hand, I suffer from dry mouth, eyes, skin, and lady bits !! All very unpleasant, all needing treatment, never ending cycle......x

  • It happens to me day and night, if you find anything that helps, I'd like to know! It pours off me, and I have very fine hair, so any attempt at styling is pointless. I have a wedding to go to soon, and I'm dreading being out in public, in case it happens in front of people

  • I have since been diagnosed with HYPERHIDROSIS. Ask your GP to refer you to a Dermatologist. I have been given some topical applications e.g. special type of talc + a roll on (Driclor). I haven't started the Driclor yet. It's not as simple, when the condition affects your face / scalp, as the applications are more difficult to use on these areas, than if your armpits / feet etc were affected. You can also take tablets to help dry it up, I am still trying different one's, as I had some side effects with the first one I tried (can't remember what it was?). Good luck with getting your diagnosis, and with the wedding x

  • I have since been diagnosed with HYPERHIDROSIS. Ask your GP to refer you to a Dermatologist. I have been given some topical applications e.g. special type of talc + a roll on (Driclor). I haven't started the Driclor yet. It's not as simple, when the condition affects your face / scalp, as the applications are more difficult to use on these areas, than if your armpits / feet etc were affected. You can also take tablets to help dry it up, I am still trying different one's, as I had some side effects with the first one I tried (can't remember what it was?). Good luck to everyone, in getting a diagnosis.....x

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