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Can EVERYTHING be put down to Fibro?

I am so glad that I found this site & have been relating to all of the stories & symptoms that people here have been discussing. I have a question though about how far we can go in blaming everything that happens to us onto Fibro? I have a gynae problem for example, (I have swelling in my pubic area which has spread round to my right groin & is very painful. My gp says it is either related to my weight or fibro), I'm sure it's nothing, & is probably something to do with fms, but, just HOW MUCH of our 'symptoms' or 'problems' can we say are fms & just carry on living with it? And how do we tell when it's not fms?


Julie x

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Much as I dislike parading my illnesses around in public I have been ill since I was 19 first with endometriosis which I had to have a total hysterectomy at 35 secondly came fibro at 25 along with chostochondritis and ibs which ARE common with fibro . Appendicitis at 30 gallbladder removal at 40 ..Then came osteoarthritis at 43 now at 48 I have CRPS and sero negative rheumatoid arthritis ... So you can Definately have other illnesses... The general rule I live by Is ..if you get something new to you get it checked out by your GP thoroughly and if they say oh its probably fibro without a good examination or referral to get it checked out ... Politely refuse to shift until something is done. You may need to take someone close to you with you for support...

Vg the stubborn


hi i agree with VG if its something new get it checked out xxx


Vg is spot on nothing new should be dismissed as FMS.

I know of one person years ago who just put a symptom of pain elsewhere FMS only to be diagnosed with terminal cancer some months later.

......extreme I realise but you tell GP it is new symptom and let them run with it. If they just dismiss it as FMS ask simple are you sure?


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