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hi there everyone not been on for ages due to increasing anxiety ive got a second appointment with pain management clinic does anyone know

if they can refer me to neurologist due to severe burning sensation all over my body docs ay its neuropathic pain buy cant say why i get on pregablin and amitriptyline which helps a bit but still get bad episodes of it i just want a proper diagnosis thanks and hugs to everyone

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Hello gena34, I suffer with neuropathic pain in my left rib cage area, they don't know why I've got it as I've had it over 25yrs now! I've tried pregablin but it doesn't help then I stopped due to side effects, I'm under pain clinic for treatment! Hugs to you. Aisha x


Hiya, I had exactly the same thing. Then I started getting severe pins and needles, cramps, numb patches, I would wake in the night and my hands or feet would be completely numb, lastly the shakes. I was referred to a nuerolagist as my gp was convinced I had m.s.

I was then sent for mri scans on my brain and back. The results came back and there were no lesions, which would have meant I had m.s. and the nuerolagist told me or was my fibromyalgia. I was relieved not have ms but then gutted cause I knew it was yet another symptom of fibromyalgia that I would have to put up with.

I'm currently on pregablin, duloxatine, tramadol, cocodamol and naproxine and I have to say, none of these touch my nerve pain. I sympathize because its flippin dreadful. Its searing isn't it. Makes me cry sometimes. However wot doesn't work for one my work for another. So fingers crossed. Hope this helps..Becky Xx


The only thing that helps me is Amitriptyline, which I take at night because the symptoms appear to be worse then. I also take Tegretol for Epilepsy. I understand it is also used for FM but have not heard anyone else using it for that. Anyway the combination knocks me out enough - I am not a zombie but almost, so definitely not a day time med. I also take Lyrica [Pregabalin] one in the morning and one at night. I have forgotten the morning one and the pain in my hips is deep and almost unbearable. I also take Co--Dydramol if I need to.

I sympathise with you about this pain. It is difficult to live with. My left knee is beginning to have those symptoms if my trousers are pressed against it in the evening [when sitting down] If I pinch the fabric and lift it away it is happier.

I hope you find your personal solution soon.

Soft hugs


I've been getting pins and needles and numbness in my hands and feet for a while as well as terrible pain in my neck/shoulders, My GP says that it's the fybro and arthritis in my neck causing this but I think I'm going to ask to see a neurologist as it's getting me down now, I think I need a scan


I found Lyrica helped with my Nuropathy. I don't need it now, but it was a life saver at the time. Wishing you less pain. Love Jane xx


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