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Hi ervery one,just like Petula, I too become member a few weeks ago, I wonder if any one can help me, I suffer fibro along time ago, but its get worse, not only that I feel pain from head to toe, but my head is throbing every second i fainted four timed recently and my neuroligist still dont know what the cause of it, they hae given me,gabapentin, tomiramate,citalopram, tramadol, morphine, you name it, nothing help..., any suggestion???

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Hello B2WC :-) and welcome to what I consider to be the very best site for Fibro sufferers, both for advice, information and support. Could I suggest that you take a look at our Mother site where you will find a lot of very useful information.

You say you suffered with Fibro a long time ago, which means really that you have actually had it for that length of time and have been lucky enough to have not had it impact on you to quite the level that it has now. I started suffering at a very young age and just thought it was something that would just get better, which to an extent for a short period it did, then, like you, it came back with a vengeance.

I'm not sure I can do more at the moment than let you know you will be very welcome here and that we will support you through your Fibro journey. Your GP seems to have got you on appropriate medication and we can't give you medical advice here, only our own experience, which we hope helps.

I'm wondering if you might be able to get referred to a rheumatologist who might be of help, also perhaps a referral to a pain management team.

Could I possibly ask a bit more about your fainting ? Does it happen randomly or is it if you stand up, I ask this as I have problems with my blood pressure and often feel very faint on

standing which is known as postural hypotension, but it sounds to me like yours may well be related to something else.

I am sending lots of positive healing vibes your way and look forward to seeing you around the forum :-)

Foggy x


Hi Foggie, I used to get pain all body, but I kept fighting it as I used to be Exc.Sales Rep.for Pharmaceutical selling drugs to specialists such as: Rheuma/Osteo/Neurologists so I know what the effects of certain tablets have on our body and our Central Nervous System, my blood pressure is normal, my thyroid is OK, its just my life upside down, I have to give up my job soon, if I m not recovering soon, I can't wake up like I used to be, its take me around two hours, to able to sit down that is with difficulty.., if I want to move from where I sit down to the kitchen o another room, my head pounding (trobing pain) I can scream..., and I feel breathless as well, I just wonder if , my gp have asked me to deal direct with my 3 Neurologists, so my reumatoligists



I am so sorry to read of your suffering and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to these horrid issues. I can see that you are on appropriate medications and some very strong ones at that? Have you discussed with your Neurologist if there is any possibility that your medications are causing you to faint?

I have severe migraines which have caused me to pass out in the past, do you think that this is what is happening to you? I genuinely want to wish you all the best of luck with finding the answers that you desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank Ken, no all the specialists know me very well, as they used to be my customers and they understand that I prefer not to take drugs if I can, but I am so desperate, I stated with the very lowest dose, now I am in a very highest doses because I started fainting.


As well as the good advice from Foggy and the Author, what about your blood sugar. I fainted from having low blood pressure several times a few years ago and I do not skip meals anymore. Hope you feel better soon.


Hi Betty6 7, My blood Sugar is fine I am also specialize in Cardiovascular/Diabetic I used to do quite a lot seminar with Dr Sarah Jarvis - so I really looking after my I diet, It is really driving me crazy... here I studied science, anatomy..and got FM, which can't be cured yet, and no one know...all the advance technology in the world.its not a dangerous..illness, but its very pain full unless you FM wont understand it how hard to deal with it daily.., is it classified as disable?


i had a doctor tell me once I was superhuman, as my capacity to feel pain was so extreme, I just wish I had X-ray vision of could leap over buildings instead ;-)


I got sever pain in my head, shoulders, neck, and really all over. I take Opana ER and it's really made my life bearable. Hope this helps sweetheart!!!! xxxx Mitzi


Thank you Mitzi Blue I will ask my Neurologist , I can take pain all over my body,ar it , but trobing pain on my head, I cant walk, drive, or do anything?


I hear you, I was like that as well. Hope you can get some relief. I still have pain but I'm like you, it's impossible to do about anything when your head is in a vice. Let me know how it works out. xxx Mitzi


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