Hey guys how are we all feelin today? Just another question I've got osteoarthritis and Fibro aswell as other things and I take tramadol,paracetamol,amitripyline and mefanemic acid! Just had the dreaded brown envelope in for my DLA and was looking over my old paperwork and have noticed that some nurse has written that the medication that I take doesn't warrant a severe condition! I've asked my doctor before if she will give me a stronger painkiller and she gave me dihydracodeine but they give me raging headaches! I was up to see her again yesterday n she won't give anything stronger! I'm scared that this is goin to go against me because I'm takin a painkiller that "they" dont seem is "strong enough"! Ant one else had a similiar situation or any other ideas? Jx

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  • I am not sure why the nurse would not consider Tramadol strong enough to warrant a serious condition. My old GP told me that the object was to relieve pain without turning people into zobies but using very strong stuff.

  • Hi Jillylin it's got me into a bit of a stress just reading it all again and I have read that it's no use taking stronger painkillers as they don't work all the time with fibro! Feel they try to pick faults with everything,can't win! Thanks for your reply! Jx

  • Hi, I get dla and I can't take any pain meds at all except paracetamol I am allergic to every other I am in constant pain.... According to the nurse you mention I should not get dla then because I don't take pain meds.... as you have been tried on stronger pain meds and they don't agree with you that should strengthen your case because you are always going to be in pain because you can't take stronger meds .... Try that approach it worked for me...

    Vg x

  • Hi VG thank you for your reply,got the dreaded form to fill in this weekend and its goin round n round in my head but il get there,me n hubby! Best wishes! Jackiex

  • If you want the free benefit sheets to help please email and Emma will email them straight to you just state in the email what benefit you are claiming

    Vg x

  • Please could you email me the free help sheet on re-applying for DLA, I've received it for 3 years and soon my time is up. I have no idea what to expect all my symptoms are exactly the same if not worse, had to move to a single storey bungalow and cut my hours at work by half. I would be extremely grateful thamks

  • Thank very much VG much appreciated! Jx

  • jackieblu have you ever asked for a referal to a rheumatologist? i find that tramadol and paracetamol are the perfect combination of painkillers for me as well, because i cant take any kind of codeine or morphine. gentle hugs and bucket loads of encouragement! love always lia144 xxx

  • Hi Lia144 it was the rheumatologist that diagnosed me with Fibro! I kept getting all these awful pains and wasn't sleeping at all! I just went in and reeled of all my symptoms and he said it sounds very much like Fibro but then there was no test! I've tried dihydracodeine and oh my head about burst open with them! I get on not so bad with tramadol and para but sometimes feel I need somethin stronger but doc says no to try and juggle about the medication I'm taking! It was the fact that the nurse who looked over my previous claim appeal papers and wrote,I couldn't be that severe as I was only takin tramadol as my main painkiller! It made me so angry that someone who you haven't even met far less examined you is making an assumption and writing it down on a report! I've just had the delivery of the dreaded brown envelope to renew my DLA claim,oh the joys!! Thank you for your suggestion and big squeezy hugs to you! Jackiex

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