funny, but true, real ad

when you are a big lady, lke me, you can feel uncomfy around slimmer people in a swimming baths.

I've just been on a well-known disability site.

they have a bath seat/lift that helps people to use their bath.

It's called

the orca lift !

I kid you not :)


"From only £ Ex. VAT SALE

Orca Bath Lift 1470754 1470754 Orca Bath Lift"

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  • That's a bit of a cheek, I would say! Why not the 'Nemo' lift or the 'Water Baby' :D

    Moffy x

  • I am also a very large Lady I think the orca is very funny :D xgin

  • I am sure you could have a whale of a time with one San :D

  • 'Killing' myself laughing, as a xxxL lady myself, with a warped sense of humour thats just been well n truely tickled!!!

    I will stick my bath buddy though!

  • lol laughing a lot too

    i'm now going to see what my own bath lift is called!

    Ps how do you get smilies on your comments?

    x zeb x(newbie)

  • If you are using a computer or laptop with a mouse hover the mouse over the smiley and it should show you .... If you are using an iPad like me let me know and I,ll send you instructions in a pm

    Vg :)

  • it's : then shift9 ) leave two spaces either side.

  • cheers VG and Sandra :)

  • hey! it worked

    haha! how easily pleased am I? LOL



  • Ah well lets get complicated

    :( :) :'( :D :P :x :-/ 8-)

    VG x

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