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Recognise a trend ???

I've had fibromyalgia for many years and for as far back as I can remember (and my mother can remember ) I was not a healthy child. My baby teeth went black and fell out and even though you tell every dentist ' no my mother did not feed me badly' they won't believe you. Oh why are do people have such tunnel vision !

At anyrate I'm digressing here. I am by nature a kind, caring person who would do anything to help another person at the detriment of my own health. I hate atmospheres and would run 20 marathons (fat chance !!!) to avoid one and have so much empathy with others that you could trip over it on the way into my house.

It seems that every person that I have ever met or talked to on this site with fibromyalgia is of a similar character. I have learned over the years to say NO sometimes but I would never want to alter my character totally.

What do you think, are you a similar character ?

Sending love and best wishes to all



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Hi Sally,

Yes, I can recognise so much about myself in what you say.

I am very caring, hate to see people struggling , in difficulty or distress, and have great difficulty in saying "no" when others ask me for help.

I also hate disagreements and arguments, and get incredibly upset when people shout at me! If I try and "stick up" for myself in an argument, it is always me that ends up crying even if I am the one who is right!! So I have got to the stage where if anyone criticizes me then I automatically change the subject just to avoid a "big scene".

I guess we are just very sensitive people xxx


Hi, I. am the same, I will always help anyone and everyone no matter what and I will do anything for people where it's not right for me, Many, many years ago when I was young my fatherin law told me ,one day when I was upset about being treated shabbily by a person in front of him and others , YOU WILL LEARN, YOU WILL LEARN, and the sooner the better for you, but here I am over 40years later being treated and doing exactly the same as then, I can't help it, it is in my makeup and that's me people have always made me the brunt of their jokes and say things to me that they wouldn't say to another person, if I do speak up for myself they say that I'm being over-sensitive. I cannt win, nevermind. So perhaps it is all connected I don't know. Sorry for the long post. Best wishes. Sue.x


I certainly recognise the trend, I can't bear aggression of any kind and will even apologise for things that I haven't actually done wrong to get away from confrontation. I was diagnosed with fibrositis at 17 but had always had pain problems and even worse sleep problems from a tiny baby. I'm a twin and weighed 3lb4oz at birth, my brother 6lb 9oz I was labelled the "difficult" feeder and sleeper, and then the pain problems. Eventually I got a proper fibro diagnosis 13 years ago, and not a moment too soon, I thought I was going mad. When my GP told me and I mentioned the "fibrositis" he said that was exactly the same and everything fell into place.

In answer to your question, yes, I am a similar character !😳

Lots of positive vibes coming your way 😊

Foggy x


I am the same, particularly with confrontation, if it is fight or flight, I'm off every time!

My daughter, (who sometimes walks all over me) tells me I am too soft and to get some backbone. Yeah, right she would be the first to complain!

I was a sensitive child, my parents labelled me as highly strung, whatever that means.

Perhaps our sensitivity is also on the inside as well as the outside. :)

About the black teeth, my mum took antibiotics when pregnant with me and that caused it, could the same have happened to you?


There are a sieries of vidios done by a New Zealand fibro specialist, where he is talking to a group of people about fibro. one of the women said that because she can no longer do as much as she could she felt like a lazy something or other i cant remember the exact words. He reply was that no one is lazy ever came down with fibro. Another asked if it was true that all fibro patients were the same character? ( again i cant remember the word used ) His reply was that all fibro patients tend to be of the same type.

people who were always full of energy always on the go ect .

His name is Dr Jonathon Kuttner.

This is part 1 of 7 that i watched. I have just had this link from you tube and it looks as though he has made a lot more videos since i last looked. Ill have to have a look through them when i have chance.


Very interesting thanks sue x :)


Thank you for posting these videos..I have just watched all of them and feel great relief and greater understanding of my Fibromyalgia and all it entails...I am going away for a week on my own from Monday as I feel I just MUST....Prof Kuttners talks have given me much to absorb and when I get back I shall ,because of this post, have a much better quality of life as am determined,i(n a gentle way) to manage myself better and so stop rejecting my diagnosis and finding it shamefull.....I recommend all 8 parts of his talk to all of us ..THANK YOU mayrose54 for sharing..:-)


Thank you for your reply. I was newly diagnosed when i first watched them and they help me to understand and to stop trying to do it all myself.

They are probably a bit behind the times now in regard to medical knowledge , but still basicly sound.

Hugs Sue


Thank you xxx


Yes, I can relate to what it is you are saying. My daughter calls me ''granddad soft touch,'' which pretty much sums me up!

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x :)


Oh boy. these videos were a revelation to me. All the things he said about the triggers, injury, surgery virus, stress, abuse; Every one of them is a part of my history. And yes, I was one of those people who would always go out of my way to help others, and I was for many years a nurse. As for the genetic inheritance, my son already has many of the symptoms.


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