hi i am 30 years of age and have been told for the last 5 years i have Fibromyalgia syndrome

i am male and its not so comon in men its more comon in ladies then men i have 4 girls 9 6 2 6 mouths old and i try to live life to the full and for the people with this syndrome thats a hard thing to do as you dont know what you are going to be like when you get out of bed or if you are going to get some sleep at all the pain gets that bad you dont know what to do with your self and what i find the docs dont care for people like us they just give the pills out like sweets so yes for people like us life is a so up and down iv try to take my own life at time just so i can get out of pain and get some sleep but im still here to tell the tail lol just wished some one would take this away from me but this just makes me stronger and stronger.

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  • hi there my name is paul and i am 30 living with fibromyalgia

  • Hey, we are all here to support you and will understand everything you are going through. I am so sorry that you are so desperate that it has come to attempting to take your own life, just so the pain would go. Be strong mate and you will get through it. Easy to say that when you are having a good day!!!!!! I have felt the same as you, been balling my eyes out and screaming that I need my Dr to help me. I feel like I am going potty!!!!!

    Have you ever tried meditation? My friend suggested it to me, I was a bit synical, however now it really helps and I am doing a course in it. Good luck and keep going, if not for you, then for your kids, they need you!!x

  • Hi Paul this is a similar situation to what my husband is going through at the moment read my profile and u will see what i mean , I am his wife and his carer and he is in agony everyday and hardly ever sleeps but he too is at a low point i cant begin to know what u are all going through and i wish i could take his pain away for him.

  • he there my wife to be is my carer to so you and her should get on she has good days and bad she hate it when i have bad day coz she cant help so its hard for her so i hope you to can hav a chat some time and compare notes lol she is a good one trust and she tryed so hard to hel me but there is not any thing te docs can do iv had all treatmentwhat is out there but my body will not have it hope to chat soon

  • i try to do as much as i can some time i over do it to then i have bad days to the point i cant get ot off bed so i know i have to try to get the right balance on it but like you say its nt the easiest to live with and i hope this will help i have been to a fibroyalgia group but that was just not for me as they didnt help as they just said it was arthritis i have got but iv been to see two fibromyalgia specialist at Derby City General Hospital as i live n derby and they hav told me its fibro so didnt go again to the help group so now i just keep going

  • Hi Paul, I am a 33 year old guy and I too have been told I have FMS. I am sorry to hear it has made you feel so bad you have wanted to end it all. We are all in this online community to help and support each other. Please try and stay positive, if only for the sake of your children, they need you to stay around. I don't have a partner and I don't have any children. I joined this site because I had nowhere else to turn and it really does help:-) I too get frustrated with my G.P. & take strong painkillers like they were sweets. There is no easy answer to what you are going through. Please talk to your family and be honest about your feelings. Take care and stick with us:-)

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