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Exercise and diet to help - not helping so far!

My fibromyalgia has been playing up recently, my hands are particularly sore at the moment, even more so after typing, but then it's so much easier than hand writing I can barely write 2 sentences before my hands cramp up and I really want to document this year so thought this was the best way. Anyway I am just really tired at the moment, I can't seem to bring myself to do anything, even a walk with the dogs is hard to get through and hard to get the motivation to do, I have a large back garden so technically I don't have to walk them everyday and there are some days where I just can't but I do like to get out with them as often as my body allows, as it is better for them and for me in the long run supposedly! I just really don't want to end up where I can't do anything at all ever again, might sound a bit dramatic but it is a reality I may have to face one day, which is why I'm trying to do everything I can now to hold off the symptoms and it is recommended to exercise and eat healthily to give my body the best fuel I can so it can work as best it can. Slow starting as it is hard to exercise at all never mind try and build my body strength up a bit, I haven't actually done any proper exercise yet, I'm supposed to be starting swimming and yoga, but not started swimming cos still getting over a cold and the yoga well, I've had the dvd in the player but then felt so tired I ended up in bed rather than doing the dvd, I'm not sure if that was more psychological as I am naturally lazy as well, but just the thought of doing it made me so tired I had to go to bed for an hour, now I know I'm not THAT lazy so there must be some other trigger somewhere. I have done a few good long walks and have taken alternative routes that include hills and different terrain but I'm not actually pushing my body that hard because walking isn't a problem and my legs are probably the strongest part of my body! I have had my medication changed too recently so wondering if that may be having an effect. I'm on 50mg Amitriptyline and 40mg Citalopram, I was also on 200mg of Lyrica (pregabalin) but have recently come off the Lyrica due to an increase in weight and no real positive effect on my symptoms.

I am now at a standstill it seems, my pain and tiredness seems to be getting worse, I'm sure this cold weather doens't help either though, and I'm just fed up with it, no matter what I try and do it has no real effect on any of my symptoms. Fingers crossed something comes up soon or my diet and exercise actually starts to have an effect!

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One of the issues I have discussed with some pretty amazing FIbro specialists, but that never seems to be acknowledged generally is that the attitude many people with Fibro seem to have, that everything is too hard and what is the point actually? could be considered a symptom. Fibro is associated with low dopamine levels. And dopamine is the satisfaction chemical involved in reward-based learning in the brain. It also has an important role to play with other areas of the brain. Without it, you're exhausted and you struggle to feel the benefits from doing anything. So that "can't be bothered to get better" attitude could actually partly be due to the physical symptoms of Fibro.

TBH I wouldn't expect anyone with Fibro to get fantastic benefits from Amitriptyline and Citalopram. And although Lyrica can be great, it doesn't work for many people, at least, not without a specialised multidisciplinary program alongside it.


I think you are great for even taking the positive approach of thinking about exercise and healthy eating. There are so many people out there that will not even entertain exercise of any degree. It is great to educate yourself regarding any facts and ways to make your situation better.

I have prectised yoga for 2 years now and I have to say it has helped me especially psychologicaly. I am more chilled now. I used to me amazingly strong and was going to take a teaching course and specialise with persons in chronic pain, however now my trembling legs and arms doesn't help with the poses!!!!.....Like you say this cold weather does not help at all, maybe when it warms up we will all have more motivation will be to walk from my french doors to my sunbed and get a fab tan!!!!! LOL...

In relation to meds i think everyone is different so you have to do the trial and error rather than listen to others about what works and what does not work.

Good luck and happy positive thinking xx


Thanks for the comments guys. I really am trying to push myself and it's interesting to hear that that could be a symptom in itself. I have an appointment with a nutrional therapist who has experience with Fibromyalgia in a couple of weeks so am hoping that something good can come out of that. I'll post any tips if I get any that work!

I'm looking forward to the better weather too, I'm sure I'll be able to manage a bit of sunbathing too!

Take care and hope everyone is as well as they can be. xx


Hi, I'm new on here and have had fibro for over 12 years. Please do not try to push yourself with fibro. The best thing to do is pace yourself. Just do what you can, then rest as your body is asking for. It is very hard living with this condition, and trying to get others to understand what you are going through is virtually impossible.

The days are getting longer, and the sun is out somewhere, it may just be hiding above the clouds.

Go steady, and relax when you can.


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