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Is the ESA medical report any use when claiming DLA / PIP

Hello All,

As I have recently said I have just been moved from Incapacity to ESA and put into the support group. I used to get DLA but that stopped in 2008 ( I missed the date to get my renewal pack to them). I am seriously considering applying for DLA again,or is it PIP now.

I just got the ATOS medical report from my medical I had 20th May 2013 and its pretty good, so I was wondering if it would be any use when claiming for DLA or would I have to go through the whole medical routine again?

Any advice would be a great help.

I hope today finds you a little better than yesterday.


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It is a different benefit with different guidelines and so I am not sure if it would be of much use. DLA used to be an easier (slightly) benefit to get than ESA but now they are changing it to PIP that might not be the case anymore. But you could certainly try, if you don't try then you won't know.


HI just seen your question, I had my ESA assessment earlier this year, my DLA was due for renewal in June and yes they DID use my ESA Medical Assessment for the DLA and this was noted in the paperwork which came back from DLA. If I can be of further help let me know.


I too used my medical assessment from ATOS when adding the care component to my existing DLA claim x


I was told no by DLA people, don't know why. but anything is worth trying, send it in along with your claim good luck xx


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