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operation nightmare

hi all i recently posted on here in regards to the dwp throwing me off esa after having spinal surgery! well after seeing my surgeon and hoping to be discharged that was not the case i have been given the news that my surgery had failed and i now have to go and have a second procedure on my spine i have an appeal underway with the esa i just dont know what to do as this operation is going to be more riskier than the first im terrified please help and put me in the right direction on who can help me thanx guys👍

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Hi marigold191

I am sorry that all this is happening to you.

When were you diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? Have you had it for long?

Have you had any help with your Appeal for ESA or have you been doing it alone?

The CAB are incredibly helpful when it comes to Appealing for benefits.

Do you have a letter from your surgeon regarding your spinal injury that you can forward to the DWP?

I am not a benefits expert so can't really help you much.

I would definitely get the CAB involved if you haven't already.

Good luck with your second procedure.

Lu xx

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Hi Marigold

I totally agree with BlueMermaid3 I think this is the same information that Janet28 and Bluebell and myself would give you CAB are great at these appeals if you have other professionals that you see get them involved too and get as many letters as you can. Good luck

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Hello, I am sorry to hear your operation was not a success and you have to face another, that is quite traumatic news and very disappointing, and will take you a little while to process.

As far as your appeal goes, gather up everything from your clinic appointment, the letter to your GP, any blood tests, physio remarks etc. Also your patiant discharge letter from your op which will have details of your procedure.

I strongly advise you speak to Citizens Advice or your local council Welfare/Benefits Officer to help with any wording.

Copy everything before sending it off, making sure you put your DOB, NI number and full name.

I hope your operation will be successful this time and that your pain eases.


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Google disability direct they can help complete paperwork but they do charge if you win your appeal

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Sorry to hear you are going through all this, I cant advise on benefits but wish you well xxx

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Hi marigold191

I am so truly sorry to read all of this and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your next round of surgery. As for your appeal, I agree with the others as the CAB can help you with this my friend. Please take care of yourself.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Hi , I have cauda equina , I went for e s a assessment and they through me off to , I went for a mandatory reconsideration , with help from citizens advice who carried out a assessment using dwp scriptors , dwp scored me 6 points , citizens advice scored me 54 points, and when I went for assessment the clinician had put all false information on the forms,

I complained to Chda who carried out the assessment and they confirmed with me there were a lot of irregularities, and it was very muddling and confusing, I should have been put in support group in 2015 but they keep refusing , I have complained about that to , dwp changed their decision and reinstated my money but still refuse to put me in support group which I am now taking to appeal court, supported by my local mp, I have also now complained to dwp ice ( independant complaints examiner) aswell , dwp are doing this up and down the country to everyone especially if you are on pip with a mobility car , they are taking the cars back , and making genuine people fight their cases,

Very stressful as you have to prove every thing all the way , I have managed to prove the clinician has put false information on forms, I keep asking them in the complaints if I put false information on these forms you could prosecute me will you be prosecuting the clinician I have seen, they refuse to respond to that , I also asked should I ring the fraud line and report benefit fraud on this clinician as that is what he has done , still no reply lol

But good luck anyway


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