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A breakthrough at last

Hi all,

Today was a good one, I had my rheumatology appointment this morning and I went with my determined head on, determined to get some progress! it worked! I finally got a referral for hydrotherapy, I got the answer to my vitamin d levels, am getting help for mindfulness training to help with constant pain, and I feel better because someone listened to me!

By the way, My Vit D levels were 16? Which I'm lead to believe is low? Bt I'm not sure how low?

So if you don't feel like you're being listened to, perserve and demand (nicely) to be heard xxx

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That's the right attitude, reni73 - no one should put up with indifferent treatment. I'm glad things are going well for you!

Moffy x


Hi! Glad you got somewhere with the Rheumy. Some just end up having nothing done - so well done you!! Oh and re your Vit D - 16 is quite low - think anyone whose level is below 73 needs supplements from doc. Could be slightly wrong re the figure tho. Mines 26 and I've been prescribed 1000 unit tablets to take 1 daily. So make sure you get your doc to prescribe you some pronto!!

Take care. Love Nikki xx


Hi, regarding ur vitamin d question I'm led to believe the range is 25-100. My daughter was also tested as has similar symptoms to mine and hers was 38, our doctor Said its on the low side so prescribed adcal. (p.s she's only 12 )Hope this helps. S. Xxx


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