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Hi all

Well I have been in my flat for about a month now.

Really lovely the independence, though I have been feeling a little under the weather. I have found out I'm borderline type 1 diabetes :/

I am almost finished college and looking forward to my holiday at the end of August :)

I have put myself forward to foster cats and kittens until they find a new home. I currently have a cat who is 2 years plus called Ruby, the only problem I'm having at the moment is I'm allergic but I am off to get some antihistamines today which should sort out my itchy ears, stuffed/runny nose and cough.

Anyhoo best go as I have a dental appointment lovely (NOT) :)

Hope you all have a lovely day :)

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You are going to be very bizzy if they accept you for cat fostering - but what a lovely thing to do - can you really give them up I dont think I would be able to. Hope the dentist was not unkind to you :) xgins


Yeah I think I could, kittens would b harder I think but ruby loves anyone who cuddles and feeds her.

Dentist wasn't as bad as I thought :)


I do love cats - I wish I could have one, but my flat isn't suitable. I hope you're not allergic to the pussies in question?:O

Hope dentist goes OK.

Moffy x


Hi Moffy,

Why is ur flat unsuitable? I think I may be a little but I also suffer from hay fever. So I'm taking antihistamines. She is a witch at the moment digging her claws in my leg.


Hi Susan - I live on the second floor with no outside access, and it's against the terms of my lease to keep pets. In any case, I wouldn't like to have a cat who had no access to fresh air and freedom. I know people do have 'house cats' but that's not for me.

I enjoy meeting other people's pets - and I have a lot of feline friends in the neighbourhood!

Moffy x


Hi Susan ( my daughters name ) hope u still enjoying your new found freedom, it's a good thing u r going to do with the cats, hope all goes well for you,pollen b from Heath shop is good for allergies especially gay fever, take care gentle hug ..Dee x


Lol now I like the gay fever lol :D

I just stick with the antihistamines as I use them when I have an allegory to food.



Gay fever - LOL! Let's have a rousing chorus of 'YMCA' :D


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