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hi all

just thought i would say hello as i haven t been on for a while iv been recovering from surgery (still am ) on my jaw/tmj but have ended up with bells palsy i haven t been out of bed for nearly a fortnight and of course im hurting all over due to the lack of movement im on all kins of tablets after my surgery more painkillers and to top it all off iv gotta be on a liquid diet for another 6 weeks as i cant chew anything

gentle hugs to u all


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Hi Trigger. Glad you are slowly recovering. Sorry to hear about the bells palsy, not nice but at least you will get over it slowly.

Mmm a liquid diet, try to think of all those pounds you will loose :-) on a more serious note just do what you can when you can and I am sure yo will soon build up your strength.

Piggle hugs xxxx


hello Trigger, I agree with Pinkpig, rest, relax, recover!




Get well soon trigger! All best wishes for a speedy recovery. Jane x


Hope you feel better today! All the best for a fast recovery so rest and try and relax x gins


Hello Trigger,

I too am recovering from surgery, had bones shaved in my shoulder. I'm sure coz of fibro we take longer to get over it & the pain is worse!

Hope your pain lessens soon & that it helps to know we care & wish you well.

Gentle hugs xx


Get well soon guys. That reminds me my grandad had bells palsy .


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